25. Feeling Blue

Ruhaani had no recollection of what had happened, one second they were hunting some monster with Winchester brothers, the next second some black smoke laces around them and took them to place looking like hell's palace. Dean and Sam were pinned against wall, by some guy, he looked evil, there was something familiar about him, his eyes were glowing red, while he was talking to the brothers, Ruhaani had just woken up, and Lucifer walked up to Ruhaani.

"If it isn't God's favorite daughter, at first I thought it was just misconception, but no no no no, I was wrong, you should know that I am your elder brother." said Lucifer.

"What the hell are you saying, I am Ruhaani, I am an only daughter of my parents and I am pretty sure, and I don't like you, you filthy maggot." spat Ruhaani.

"Oh Dad, you got spike kiddo, I am talking about you being an angel, oh I forgot, you don't know that you are an angel" Lucifer snapped.

"Lets put your angelic powers to test" 

Lucifer started hurting Ruhaani, she started choking on her own blood, she found it difficult to breath, her stomach was hurting, it felt like her solar plexus was being punched by a twenty tonne punching glove, she blacked out.

Gabriel appeared out of thin air, "Stop Lucy, stop hurting Ruhaani" grabbing his arch angel blade out of his pocket and pointing towards Lucifer. "And here I thought I killed you little brother!" "You were always an arrogant sissy, you didn't even know that it was my trick" pouted Gabriel. "How is that cage spellwork on your bones treating you by the way, an archangel becoming Crowley's bitch, I thought I would never live to see the day" said Gabriel. "You little dumbass" retorted Lucifer, he snapped his fingers but nothing happened. "What happened bro, performance issues it's not uncommon for man your age?" remarked Gabe.

"You mutt! You trick mutt! No one dicks with me! No one" barked Lucifer, just then a demon went to Lucifer and whispered something in his ear. Lucifer had an irritated look on his face. And then he vanished along with those demons. Sam and Dean fell down. Gabe healed Ruhaani, she saw Gabe and smiled, and then passed out. "So Lucifer is not in his cage, I am going to kill Crowley" barked Dean. Sam ran towards Ruhaani, Dean stopped Gabe. "If she is some high powered angel, why didn't she snap back at Lucifer?"asked Dean. "Well if you jackasses would get your head out of your asses, she has not been an angel for about 10,000 years she has been human, nothing ever triggered the angel gene in her system, she has got all the power in the world but she has never used it. Why do you think I protect her if she is the most powerful angel in all creation? Why do you think a whole country was shielded against supernatural freaks?"


Sam scooped up Ruhaani and placed her in the back of impala, she looked calm, she was fine other than the blood on her shirt from Lucifer's torture.Suddenly it dawned on him, that beautiful face with caramel skin, big brown eyes and a smile that cheered everyone was now going to be hunted for rest of her life, he did not like the idea of Ruhaani getting tortured by Lucifer, he was mad, he was angry, he wanted to kill Lucifer. 

Dean was driving baby, his face flinched when Ruhaani stirred in back seat, he did not wanted any of this to happen, Ruhaani deserved a normal life, away from monsters, away from Lucifer.

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