16. Face-off with Winchesters

Next Morning

Sam came back from a run , Dean had just woken up, he went to the kitchen to grab some coffee, "Good morning walking dead" "Sshhhh...Sammy don't shout, I have a major hangover, by the way did Ruhaani come back?" said Dean. "She called me around 3 a.m., I picked her up from the bar, she was tired, she hit the sack, I guess she is sleeping it off!" answered Sam.

Just then Ruhaani came in the kitchen wearing pajama shorts and pink t-shirt, she hugged Dean from back and then hugged Sam, " guys are gross, Sam you are all sweaty and Dean you are smelling like a dumpster outside of a bar" Ruhaani said making face. Sam laughed. She moved towards kitchen counter to grab some cereal and milk, she was not able to walk properly, Dean motioned Sam to see the way she was walking, Sam's expressed confusion. "So how was the date last night? You went out with the blondie from bar but asked me to pick you up from the same bar hours late" asked Sam. "Well Harvey the blondie, took me to a nice restaurant in the town, we talked and talked for hours" replied Roo. Filling in the details about her date and asked about the boys date, they gave her the dirty details. "I am full for now, I am going to make lunch in noon, you guys want to join?" asked Ruhaani, "Homemade food, I am in!" exclaimed Dean. Ruhaani was leaving when Dean asked "Why are you walking funny Roo?" Ruhaani turned, it looked as if she was blushing, "I am a little sore from the screw-athon I had last night!" and winked at the guys, and left.

Ruhaani prepared lunch for her and boys, she only knew how to cook Indian food that too vegetarian, even though Dean loved meat like every damn meat, he still ate a bellyful and Sam ate it too. "You eat these types of cuisines everyday, no wonder you guys have low meat consumption, man this is so refreshing, who knew veggies could be delicious" said Dean. Sam just chuckled and ate his share, there was still some left in the pan so Dean called shots on the remaining food. Ruhaani let him have it. After lunch they all went back to research, trying to find anything unnatural, weird or suspicious online.

Dean found a freak case of a girl choking on her own blood, the reports online suggested no forced entry of any kind. Dean decided to check it out, Sam, Ruhaani and Dean packed up their gear, it turned out to be a witch case, the guy she was dating was a hundred and forty year old witch, when she found out that the guy was cheating on her with someone she left him. He was a powerful witch, he spelled Sam, making Sam delusional and laced with fear that Dean is going to kill him. Ruhaani stayed him, comforting him, he was a baby a ver giant baby, crying on her lap. Sam did not sleep for two days, making Ruhaani concerned about him, after Sam went all nuts Ruhaani locked him up in the room and went to hunt down witch herself, she called Dean on the way, they killed the witch, actually Dean shooted that son of a bitch. And after that spelled Sam was back to normal. That night after dinner, while Sam was trying to sleep, Ruhaani went to Sam's bed and slept with him, while cuddling, she kissed Sam on his forehead, and hummed the lullaby that Ruhaani's mom used to sing when she used to sleep. It made him sleep peacefully, he hugged her tight from back and put his face in her neck. Next morning Sam woke up feeling much better, seeing Ruhaani his side, he remembered what had happened to him, he was under a spell, making him think that Dean was going to murder him, and he lashed out several times, he had nightmares, last night Ruhaani hummed something for him in some language unknown to him, but after that he slept like a baby, no nightmares, nothing. Dean was still sleeping, Sam got out of covers and went out for a run. Before going out he shifted Ruhaani's hair from her face and covered her. She looked beautiful.  

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