22. Eternal Damnation

It had been almost a year, time passed away so quickly, she had made bunker her new home, Sam,Dean and Castiel her new family, she loved those guys, she even found books about them by someone named Carver Edlund, Sam and Dean hated those books, apparently those books were written by a prophet of the lord named Chuck Shurley, Ruhaani read all the things about Winchester's and their best friend an angel named Castiel, she understood them better now. Chuck was her friend, not the writer Chuck Shurley, but she knew him since she was a kid, he was older than her, but still she was fond of him, he was like a big brother moreover he always behaved like a father figure.

Ruhaani was missing her family and friends, she hadn't seen them for over a year, she just wanted to see them, so she logged in to her computer, she opened the hidden folder, that contained videos and photos of her mom and dad, her friends, she started playing her memories, she had tears in her eyes, she saw herself and her parents cracking jokes on each other, laughing with each other, it brought a jolt of memories, she wanted to explain why she went missing, but that would not be a good idea, she could not put her parents in danger. She cried silently, whole night passed in just few moments of memories. 

Sam and Dean noticed Ruhaani, she looked sad and exhausted, "Hey what happened to you grumpy?" asked Dean, "Nothing, I didn't sleep last night, that's all" answered Ruhaani. "Roo Roo if something is bothering you, you can tell us" said Sam with sincere eyes. "Nothing happened Giant, I was watching". Well it was true to an extent.


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