5. Devil's Trap

Ruhaani's P.O.V.

As I turned around, I saw two men with black eyes, for a moment I thought I am seeing things, they looked at Sam and Dean with devilish glare as if they wanted to eat them, their eyes shifted towards me, one of them looked at me like I was some kind of a prize for them.


"Well well well look who we have here, Winchesters with their new  toy" one of them said, the next thing I could see was, boys stabbing them and orange colour lights flickering in their faces.

And then we all left in a hurry. I was shocked, are these guys for real?. What were those people, rather things, how did they know John's kids, John was a very nice and helping man, he came to India looking for someone, he saved me from a kidnapping when I was a kid, he was very composed man, like a man with a target. But his kids, they seemed like the type who look for trouble everywhere. All I have to do now is go back to Boston,Massachusetts and fly back home.




Dean and Sam asked Ruhaani whether she was fine, and explained that those things were demons, demons from hell, Ruhaani did not say anything except asking them to drop her off at the motel. Sam asked Ruhaani to stay with them for the night, but she refused, thinking that this was awkward enough as it was, she told them that she would be fine.

Dean and Sam on way back to Jody's discussed whether they should let her live a normal life or not. "We can not let her leave, she can not protect herself, she does not even know who she is or what she is for that matter Dean" "But she is going back, and dude what can we say to her to make her stay? She will be safe, she has been for all these years, there is other thing that is bothering me, if Dad knew about Azazel and his plans and he knew that this girl would have helped us why didn't he say so? You and I both went to hell and came back but we found nothing, nada..A big pile jack fucking ass nada. He told me to kill you if you went dark but he did not tell either of us about this angel"

"Yeah and that is disturbing enough, but no one told us about her, not even Bobby,Rufus or Garth! There has to be an explanation for all this, but we can not let her live unprotected, whether she knows it or not, we have to save her from all things while we can "


"But how are we going to make her stay? She does not want to stay here, and she only came here for a vacation sort of thing" "Sammy we have to find a way to take her with us to bunker, where we can keep her safe, and mostly bunker is warded of every evil known to man. We have to get her to trust us"

"What do you think will happen, she will think that we are crazy psychos and run the other way", said Dean.

"We can always tell her the truth, she might not take it well but it is worth a shot"

They went to Ruhaani's motel  and knocked on her door, she was sleepy and groggy and was surprised when she saw the boys standing on the door. They said they were concerned about her well being and wanted to stay, she didn't understand but let them stay. She could see the genuineness in their eyes.


Though watching her sleep, well she thought it was creepy, they took the chairs and sat whole night, taking shifts to watch over her. Waiting for something to happen, but it seemed that fate had other plans.

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