17. Daddy's Home

After back to back hunts for all month, Ruhaani and boys were tapped out. As soon as they reached bunker she raced for shower, she and boys smelled like roadkill, and she wanted to get monsters off from her body.

Sam and Dean were discussing the fact that Ruhaani was able to exorcise a demon without Latin incantation, she told them that she spoke Mantra's in Sanskrit, she thought it would be nice to try it out, Sanskrit being an age old Indian language which had multiple mantra's and incantation for every possible creature. Sam researched that, Sanskrit was the language spoken by Aryans- the earliest civilization in human kind.

She was back from shower, and told Dean to take a shower, "You are bossy" said Sam, "She is very bossy for being baby sized" complained Dean. "I am 5'5 I am not baby sized" frowned Ruhaani, Dean chuckled.

After dinner Sam, Dean and Ruhaani sat down to watch movies, Dean picked up a horror movie, Ruhaani didn't like horror movies but had to watch it because it was Dean's turn to select the movie. Ruhaani sat in between Sam and Dean with popcorn.The horror movie was very graphic and realistic which made Ruhaani jump. She was so scared by the end of the movie that she latched on to Sam and Dean and did not let go. Boys took her to the room and stayed their until they saw Ruhaani fast asleep. Then they left.

In the middle of the night Ruhaani woke up because of a nightmare. She was hyperventilating, she ran towards boys but found it empty, boys were researching in the library, she ran towards the library and saw Dean sipping scotch, she went and hugged him tightly not letting him go, crying, explaining him the nightmare, Dean kissed her hair, "It's all right Roo, no one is ever going to hurt you while I am alive" Sam came back from kitchen "What happened?", "Roo had a nightmare" "Hey Roo, it's alright, nothing bad is going to happen see, Sammy is also there" said Dean. "I am taking her to the room, you carry on with the research" said Dean. Sam nodded.

Ruhaani didn't let Dean leave, Dean was with Ruhaani while she slept, whenever she flinched Dean would calm her down. Dean didn't get any sleep so he was grumpy, so Sam and Ruhaani let him sleep until noon. When he woke up he was peachy. "Crybaby can't handle horror movies!" said Dean. "No that is not true" replied Ruhaani. "Then who was sobbing all night in my arms, oh guess what it was you" replied Dean.

Ruhaani did not tell Dean that she was feeling it because she could feel something bad was about to happen. The bad feeling was sinking in her heart, something was wrong, very wrong.  


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