20. Confusion

When Ruhaani came back with food the trio was staring at her for a long time, she cleared her throat to get attention, they snapped out of it, they asked about Ruhaani's health but Castiel kept looking at her as if he had found her after a long time. After dinner, Ruhaani went to do research with Sam. Dean and Cas were discussing something, Dean trying to suggest something but Ruhaani left them alone, she was fine now, feeling happy with at least half of her family, she missed her Mom Dad though. Cas came into the library, Ruhaani was taking some book from shelf when he came and hugged her suddenly, "Cas what happened? Are you okay? Did something happen? Did Dean hit you?" Roo asked with concern. "No, no, I am fine, and Dean did not hit me, I was just missing my baby sister from garrison, you remind me of her, that's why I hugged you" said Cas, Ruhaani hugged him tightly, her head against Cas's chest, Cas wrapped his hand around her tightly. They stood like that for a while, when Dean called Cas, and Ruhaani went back to her research, " So giant what have you got for me?" asked Ruhaani sheepishly, Sam chuckled "Nothing yet, I guess we have a break" "So I need to ask you guys something, I saw my name flashing on a Indian News Channel, saying that I have been reported missing, you want to explain anything?" Ruhaani. "Dean you want to say something?" said Sam. "We wanted you to have a chance to go back to your old life, that is why in that motel, when your room was up in flames, you were reported missing one day ago" Dean reported with guilt. "I don't even know how to react!" Ruhaani left the library. "Why is she upset, I don't understand the dilemma" said Castiel.

For rest of the day she ignored the boys, and Winchesters didn't have balls to suck up to a pissed very pissed Ruhaani. Sam even got Ruhaani's favorite food for dinner, he didn't understand the appeal but Ruhaani loved spicy food, might be because she was born in land of spices, he thought to himself. She took the food that was a good sign, but she did not talk to them.

"She is giving us the silent treatment, come on what is she, grumpy teenager?"Dean said irritatedly, Dean and Sam both were irritated because of Ruhaani, she had stopped talking them and it had been two weeks, she went to hunt with them but did not speak anything. "You have to talk to us sometime don't you think?" asked Sam. "C'mon cry baby give up your temper tantrum!" said Dean.

Ruhaani have had it to brink, she lashed out on them, "You think it is some temper tantrum Dean, what do you think will happen to my parents when some supernatural creep will find them, they will use them as a bait to get to me or torture them, kill them or turn them into some supernatural. I know that you had good intentions in your heart but look at the mistake you made, a mistake that can be fatal to my parents, I trusted you both, I accepted my life with you, I gave up my family to protect them, I gave up my job, my friends,my career, my life to come and live with you in a different country, do you know what it feels like not to belong somewhere? I love you but seriously what made you think you would get to run my life?" spat Ruhaani.

She left the bunker in anguish and rage, she wanted to hit someone, no she needed to hit someone or something, but now was not the time, she needed help, she needed to shield everyone she ever loved.

She was roaming around when she found a Hindu Temple, memories came flooding back..Her parents use to take her to Lord Ganesh's Temple ever since she was a baby, she stopped and removed her shoes and went inside to find some solace, she went and prayed, after that she sat in the corner, wishing that her parents to be safe and sound. Little did she know, the angel on her shoulder had already completed her wish.

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