32. Brother Mine

Ruhaani told the boys how she took care of vampires one at a time and skipping how she turned one into putty of flesh. She was thankful that boys didn't see anything. When she was alone in her room she prayed to Gabriel. Gabe appeared out of thin air making Ruhaani gasp.

"Hey Roo Roo, how's my baby sister?" 

She lunged forward and hugged him tightly and started sobbing.

"Gabe, I don't know what happened but.." and then she explained what had happened in that warehouse. Gabriel didn't know what to tell her, because she had never turned angel in all the years she had been human, he could see her struggle to remain human, he knew that she could turn angel only when there was an immediate threat to her or someone she loved. Gabe read her mind and saw everything that happened, if he was being honest he was scared too, because angels had to touch abominations to kill them, but she snapped her fingers and the vampire was a pool of blood and bones. She was very powerful, more powerful than he'd imagine. 

Gabe calmed Ruhaani, he read in her mind that she didn't want to be some freak. She just wanted to help people. 

Hunting monsters had flipped a switch in her, in her entire life span as human, she never had a close encounter with supernatural. But hunting had awakened angelic senses. If she was with Winchester's then Dad must have planned it, he always did have his secrets. 


Ruhaani felt peaceful after talking to Gabe, now she had to tell this to the brothers, which was the scariest part for her, what would they think, what would they do? Ruhaani went in the library to see Dean drinking beer in his grey robe and Sam reading some old Men of letter ledgers, she told them that she wanted to tell them something, Sam and Dean listened to her, she had tears in her eyes, she started to feel the change in their emotions, she kept her head down, but when she looked up she saw nothing but concern in their eyes.

She hugged her Dean bear, Dean comforted her like a best friend. Hell Dean and Ruhaani were already best friends, Sam held her hands and she put her head on his shoulder. She never wanted to let this moment go. This was perfect.

But she wished it was that easy, she had skipped a major part about Bobby.   

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