23. Brits

Ruhaani had dirty little secrets, she loved dancing to bollywood songs, so whenever Winchesters would leave her to go for a hunt or went sleeping she would plug in her favorite music and dance on dining table in kitchen. It had been going on for months, Winchesters were pretty wrapped up with their mother back in scene and going on hunting with British Men of Letters.

She had never met them or Mary Winchester, it was probably because she felt like an outsider, Winchesters were blood and flesh and did not leave each others side, and they did not think that it was good to expose Ruhaani to other hunters or for that matter British Men of Letters.

Sam and Dean had gone to their respective rooms after hours of research, so it was time to do the dirty dancing...She climbed on the table, wearing nothing but her small robe over her tank top and lilac shorts, plugged in her earpods and blasted the music, she let the music sink in and all the crappy things get out.

Mary POV

It was late, but bunker was close and I haven't seen boys in so long, I think I should drop by, but Mick and Ketch were also getting on my nerves, so I let them tag along the ride to bunker. Dean had got me a key for bunker, I opened the door and walked in there was dead silence except for someone tapping barefoot, I went in with gun, Mick and Ketch followed me, I told them to go and check for my boys, I discovered that the sound was coming from kitchen, there was girl on table and she was dancing, I was waiting for her to notice me but she didn't, and kept on dancing. Sam, Dean, Mick and Ketch came and then I pointed towards the girl. I saw Dean smirking and Sam smiling, we all stood there for fifteen minutes and when Sam wanted to stop that girl, Dean stopped him, he was clearly enjoying dancing, Mick was not thrilled but Ketch found it amusing.

She turned and  saw Dean smirking and Sam smiling shyly, her eyes shifted towards me, her eyes grew wide, then she saw Mick giving her a look and Ketch just simply standing there, she was shocked, she was already on the edge of the table and after seeing us all she stumbled back and ended up falling, Sam and Dean rushed to her, it was obvious they knew this girl, so she was not a threat.

Dean's POV

Ketch knocked on my door, I opened my door after putting up my robe to see the Brit Ketch, I asked him why was he here and he replied that he wanted to see American Men of Letters bunker, I asked him how did he get in, apparently Mom brought those two British clowns with her, I met Sam halfway going to library, Mom was not in library, she was in kitchen, she pointed towards oblivious Ruhaani dancing. Man she knows how to dance classy and slutty all at the same time, those hips were moving in perfect rhythm, Sammy was awe struck just like me, he stepped to the table to stop her, I told him not to do so, we all were standing, enjoying.

And then suddenly she turned and saw all of us, boy she was shocked her mouth opening and closing, and then she stepped back and she lost balance and fell on the ground. I rushed to pick her up and so did Sam, she hit her head hard, Sam rubbed her head.

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