33. Bringing up Bobby!

It was any day as usual in the bunker, Sam was researching, Dean was in kitchen, Ruhaani was pacing in her room, she didn't realise what she had done until Gabe told her. She knew she cannot undo what she had done.

Sam called Ruhaani in the library, she saw Sam and Dean looking through some freak accidents and decided that they should check it out. Omaha, someone got attacked and mauled by a grizzly, as per coroner's report said that the guy was attacked inside his office. 

They travelled to Omaha and booked a motel room, it was Dean's turn to share the bed with Roo Roo. Sam didn't like the idea. But he had to act natural, he didn't want to make it weird in the bunker if the relationship didn't workout.

"That's normal, a guy getting mauled by a grizzly inside his house, the guy must have invited him over for tea, but I guess the bear had another idea" said Ruhaani.

Dean laughed but Sam had his serious face on, they researched and found that the guy had it coming, he sold his soul to a crossroads demon for saving his company from going belly up , and hell hound took his soul after his time was up.

Suddenly Dean's phone rang, his expression changed to serious, he went out of the room and after talking on the phone for ten minutes or so he came back.

"What happened Dean? Who called?" asked Sam noticing Dean in deep thoughts.

"I got a call from Bobby"

"Bobby.. Bobby Singer?? Our Bobby?"

"No some other Bobby, of course Bobby Singer, I mean c'mon Sammy"

"But he died right in front of our eyes, we burned him"

"Yeah apparently he was in heaven when something pulled him down"

"Is he a spirit?"

"No, he has his own body, he staying at Rufus's safe house. Trying to figure out what or who brought him back"

"Then let's bring him home, I guess we don't have a case here" said Sam.


They travelled back to bunker to drop off Ruhaani, they then went ahead to Rufus's Cabin. Ruhaani was pacing in the library, what would happen if boys came to know?

At Rufus's Cabin

Dean and Sam went inside, to find Bobby sitting and drinking whiskey, as the boys moved towards the old man, all of a sudden Dean threw holy water on him, just to make sure, "Dean, it's me, not any demon or shapeshifter, Let me prove that". He cut himself with silver knife. Both boys smiled and hugged the old man.

"So when did you pop down?"

"A week ago, I woke up near my burnt down house"

"A week ago and you called us now? What were you thinking" sai Dean angrily.

"I was chasing leads, as to what pulled me down, but I summoned the damn thing, but nothing came up. I tried each and everything, I captured one of Crowley's pet, but even the damn demon didn't knew anything about it. Then I called Cas even he had no opinions"

"Well then, it's settled, you are coming with us to bunker" said Sammy.

"What bunker? What did you idjits do?" said Bobby.

Sam and Dean explained everything to Bobby, how their grandfather was a legacy of men of letters, how they got that place, what all happened on earth since he was gone.

They reached the bunker and called Ruhaani, "Roo we are home!" said Sam.

"Well I'll be damned. This place looks legit, but who is Roo?" said Bobby.

"You'll know soon when you meet her, why don't you get settled in" said Dean

Ruhaani was a sound sleeper, Sam knew that already, Dean took Bobby to his new room and gave him the directions for bathroom while Sam opened Roo's room, only to find her sleeping with her stuffed Panda bear, Sam knew how much she loved that damn thing. He went and removed the flicks of hair on her face, then out of nowhere she got hold of his arm, she tugged his arm towards herself and started snoring. Sam laughed at the sight just then Dean walked in, from where he was standing he saw Sam over Roo.

"C'mon dude, atleast close the door, I don't want to be scarred for life." Dean taunted.

"Ssshhhh...Hush it down Dean, she is sleeping" Sam whispered. 

Dean saw Roo tugging his hand, he then sat on the chair near Roo's bed near to her head, "She looks beautiful, no one can tell that she is one of those ass clowns" he said to Sam.

Dean put his thumb over her cheek, seeing the shining she got, Ruhaani squirmed in her sleep and put Dean's hand under her cheek. Dean laughed seeing the position he and Sam were, just then Cas appeared.

"What are you doing with my baby sister?" asked Castiel.

"We are doing nothing, she has got us by hook and crook Cas" replied Dean.

"Why are you here Cas?" asked Sam

"We need privacy" saying that he zapped Sam and Dean to library.

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