30. Boys will be boys

After walking out of gas n sip Ruhaani she opened two boxes of pomegranate juice, her mom always said that pomegranate helps in making new red blood cells, Sam and Dean were both lights out, she checked their pulse, both had weak pulse, without wasting anytime she opened Sam's mouth and shoved the juice down his throat, he coughed slightly at first but after that he drank the whole carton.

Dean on the other hand squirmed a little, but after forcing him to drink the juice he obliged like a five year old and drank it but only half of it. Both the boys were awake now, weak but awake, Ruhaani made them drink all the juice she got from the gas n sip along the whole trip back to bunker. Sam had gained some colour back in his cheeks, but Dean was still a little pale. Ruhaani helped them into their rooms, she had to change both of them, thankfully, by that time Cas showed up, he changed Dean and Sam, while Ruhaani made something to eat for boys.

Ruhaani made sure that they drank glucose every hour and fed them every four hours with anything that was healthy. Cas volunteered to heal them, but Ruhaani asked him not to do so, when Cas asked why, she replied, "They always help people and in doing so they get hurt sometimes like this time, but I don't want them to feel that it is their responsibility to continue fighting without having a break, I want them to feel that they deserve to be taken care too, just like every one, I know that their childhood was not what a normal childhood is, but I want them to feel loved and pampered, I want them to have a sense of family to live for, not to die for it. And I am starting to confuse you." "So you don't want me to heal them because you want to take care of them and nurture them?" asked Castiel. "In a nutshell yes, now go get me some stuff from supermarket, the list is on the table and Cas take one of the credit card" she instructed Cas.

Cas got the supplies from the market, while Dean got tired of resting continuously, so he decided to come downstairs in the library where he saw Cas reading something while Ruhaani called Cas in the kitchen, Cas saw Dean and zapped him back to his room, "What the hell Cas?" said Dean. "Ruhaani wanted you and Sam to rest while she nurtures you back to health" Cas replied with a straight face. "What..? Why..? I mean you could heal us right?" asked Dean "Ruhaani does not want me to heal you, she thinks you deserved to be taken care and pampered sometimes to put exactly in her words" 

"Where is Sam?" asked Dean 

"Sam is in his room, resting"

"Ok I am going to see him"

"I am not sure it is a good idea"

"Why?" said Dean

"Because Ruhaani.."

"I get it, you are scared of your little sister"

"I don't know what that means, but I am complying to my sister's wishes" replied Cas.

Ruhaani came into Dean's room with food while he was arguing with his best friend, 

"Dean, what are you doing out of bed?"

"I got bored, so I came to library but your asshat brother zapped me back here"

Ruhaani laughed seeing Dean's pouty face.

"Dean sweetie c'mon eat something"

"I don't want this, I want bacon, I want beer not all this healthy food and juice" Dean said while complaining.

"Oh ok I will get you bacon but after you finish the food that I brought and wash it down with juice" Ruhaani said in her mom voice.

Dean smiled lightly but, he ate his food and went back to sleep.


Ruhaani opened Sam's room only to find out that the idiot had been exercising,

"Sammy, what the hell are you doing? You are not supposed to be out of bed, you got suck dried only a day ago." screamed Ruhaani.

Sam sensed that Ruhaani was upset so he stopped and sat down, while Ruhaani got him some food from downstairs, she looked beautiful when she was angry Sam thought to himself. Ruhaani fed both of the Winchesters and tugged them both in the bed and kissed them on their forehead after they fell asleep.

She was tired and went to her room, to get some shut eye.  

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