13. Beginner's Luck

After Sam got Dean some heart attack and  some Indian food, Sam went upstairs to wake up Ruhaani, she looked peaceful, calm and mysterious. "Hey! get up I got you Indian food, I thought you would love it" "Hey! I am up and I am hungry like a hippo! " she exclaimed. 

She went downstairs to find Dean hijacking her food. "It smelled good, I just wanted to take a bite" Dean admitted with fake guilt. "Not sharing my food with you, you big baby!" Ruhaani retorted. She set her plate, served herself and started eating when Dean and Sam gave puppy looks for food. They ended up eating all of her food. She took away Dean's pie and ate it, just a little payback. Dean got mad. They watched some movies and went to sleep.


Next Morning

Dean said that he would be going out for groceries, Roo handed out some list to him and asked him to get all the stuff. Sam asked him to bring some healthy smoothie and beers.After Dean left Sam and Roo started her training again, this time it was self defence, so Sam had to teach Roo, how to protect herself from attacker, he taught her how to kick and throw punches on a punching bag for hours straight, Dean was back and came where Sam and Roo were practicing, Dean thought it would be a nice idea to teach on a real human being rather than a punching bag, so Dean took matters in his own hand and played the attacker, he had overmined Roo's progress, which in turn resulted in multiple lacerations, sprain in her right hand. She did not have a spec of angel in her, maybe Dad was wrong, Dean thought to himself. He didn't want her to get hurt, he just wanted her to be prepared for anything. After their session, Sam pulled Dean in corner,"Why were you being hard with her? She just started training, she is doing good for considering she just started learning about hunting."

"Sam, I want her to be prepared for anything, she needs to be ready for every damn evil son of a bitch that is out there so if that means I have to be hard on her, then so be it!" Dean barked.

When Dean and Sam saw Ruhaani applying ointments on her wounds they rushed to her, well she was not able to apply it properly. She smiled when they came, Dean saw what he did to her, he regretted, but when he saw there was no change in the way she looked at him, lovingly, he started bandaging her, she flinched first, away from him, but Sam held her tight, so Dean could fix her properly.

And after that they had a nice meal together, mostly Dean trying to make up to her. "Dean I am okay, and what you did was part of my training, why do you have to blame everything on yourself? And you know what it was my fault, I was not ready" "But I should have gone easy on you" "No, monsters are not going to go easy on me when I will be hunting" replied Ruhaani, "You know what, I am proud of you Dean and you too Sam, because you want to save the world and you do it selflessly, and I don't want you both to carry guilt of everything on your shoulders" Ruhaani went up to Sam hugged him and kissed his cheek Sam hugged back, and she went to Dean and hugged Dean he hugged back tightly and then kissed his forehead.

Dean felt a little weight lifting off his conscience. He had started to like Ruhaani. She was sassy but sweet, cool but classy, and trusting, she trusted them with her life, that troubled him. Sammy was happy too, he loved having someone around and talk to other than Dean, he found Ruhaani amusing, she was funny and intelligent, a great company. He had noticed  changes in Dean and in himself, earlier silence surrounded the bunker, now silence had left the bunker, there were laughter they all shared, talks that Dean and Sam would never do, and an excitement to look for everything new in the morning. It was a new start for them.  


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