15. Bad Girl

Ruhaani and Harvey (the blondie from bar) left the place, Harvey took Ruhaani to a nice restaurant, they talked for hours, Ruhaani liked him, if she weren't a hunter she would have definitely gone on a second day! "Let's move this conversation somewhere more private!" and Ruhaani winked. Harvey was lost of words, he was a sweet guy, real gentleman, he took Ruhaani to his apartment.


As soon as Ruhaani entered the apartment, she shut the door behind Harvey!

Ruhaani's P.O.V.


God he looked sexy as hell. You could flip coin on his ass. I knew I wanted him the second he looked at me. I didn't want anything between our bodies, I walked up to him and kissed his lips, his lips felt good on mine, he started pushing me towards the wall, Harvey looked at me with the pure carnal need. He pushed himself between my thighs, separating my legs to make room for himself, he held my waist and continued to kiss me, he bit my neck on the most sensitive spot, I was on edge, he removed my clothes like a mad man burning from desire, I bit his lower lip, putting him on the edge, I bit his earlobe and he started grinding hips, I pulled up his shirt and let my hands wander on his chest, on his stomach and then into his jeans.


"You are such a bad girl! You are going to be punished for this" said Harvey. He took me to the bedroom, I was naked and so was Harvey, he pushed me on the bed only to place himself on top of me, he caressed my cheeks, placed little kisses on my cheek, travelling through my neck, grabbing my breasts, I enjoyed the way he pressed his palm against my breasts, massaging them, he lowered his mouth to my nipples, he started licking them one by one, he started to bite them giving me pain and pleasure at the same time. His mouth travelled south and he kissed my clit, he parted my legs and started licking my bud, I was on the verge of orgasm and then he put his finger inside me and bit my bud at the same time, "I am close" I said between panting and moaning. He increased his speed and I came crashing. Without any delay, Harvey put on a condom and positioned himself between my legs and drove in with speed, he thrusted in me with speed while fondling with my breasts, it was amazing. He grabbed my hips and started slamming into me like a piston, his speed increased and I came again, he kissed me while he thrusted in me, his speed was impeccable, after my third orgasm he flipped me over, he started spanking me hard, it was hurting me, but in a very good way!

"Who is the bad girl" asked Harvey

"I am" I replied

"So for your punishment, I am going to screw you like a maniac, until you can not walk properly" he stated.

I was dumbfounded when he slammed in me from behind and rode me like there was no tomorrow, the bed was getting slammed into wall because of the force he slammed in me. He drilled me like a machine for hours. I came three more times, after mind blowing sex he dozed off, I got up and got dressed and left. I was having trouble in walking back, so after reaching bar I called Sam and asked him to pick me up!

Sam drove me home in silence and I went straight to my bed, I dozed off as soon as my head hit the pillow

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