3. All comes down

As I handed over the envelopes with their names on it to both of them, I noticed their hands, big bruised and calloused and noticed your hands smaller, softer and unbruised. They opened each of their letters from John in his beautiful handwriting.

They started reading and their respective letters, you eyed them cautiously trying to understand their expressions, trying go get some information of what they were feeling. But I was unsuccessful , but something did change, I could not explain it but I felt it.


Dean's P.O.V.

That chick handed us some letters in dad's handwriting with our names on it. I tore open the envelope and started reading-



If you are reading this, then I am dead or worse. I never could tell you that I was proud of you. I was proud of the man that you became, taking care of your little brother when I was an absentee father trying to chase your Mom's killer instead of being there for you and Sam. I am sorry for being the selfish man who placed his revenge well above his sons.


I knew that I could never muster up the courage to tell you this to your face, because I was ashamed of what I did to you, I made you grow up to soon, I should have been there for you when you got scared but instead I left you all alone to fend you and Sam from everything.

I just want you to know that I loved you till my last breath. And as soon as I came to know about the plans of yellow eyed demon for kids like Sam, I searched for an alternative to save them all, that search got me to India, where I came across many folklore about an angel that lived among humans for the protection of mankind. According to the lore, when God created mankind after the creation of angels and purgatory, He created an angel so beautiful and more powerful than the archangels and placed that angel among humans with angel's power hidden and feeling the pain of mankind. The angel continued to live and die a normal human life an reincarnated every time in form of a girl.

That angel needs to be kept safe from demons like yellow eyes as they would use that angel for their battle against humanity by torturing her and drawing power from her life source. She can help you boys Dean, Bobby and I went to meet this angel, but that angel does not know who she is, but now apart from me, Bobby and Rufus you boys know that too.

That angel rather that girl is the key to end everything supernatural on the planet, vampires, ghouls, shape shifters everything could just end. That is why we left her in India where she was safe from all this, but if you are reading this, she is with you, which means you have to protect her from everything. She might have forgotten that she is one of the most powerful beings in the creation of earth but a time will come and she will remember everything until then she is just a girl who came to meet up two men John and Bobby whom she saved unknowingly from supernatural beings and because she did not hear from us for a very long time. She is just a girl, and I want you to protect her with all your strength.


I love you son,  I have always loved you, I am proud of you and I always will be proud of the man that you have become.



Rubbing off the moisture from my eyes,I cleared my throat and tried to piece out what had just happened. 

I looked up and saw Sam still reading his letter, his face getting softer, I looked towards Ruhaani observing me and Sam intently trying to figure out what was in the letter. She was beautiful, kind and considerate and far too trusting to be living in a hunter's world. She had a glow, angelic glow in her. The fact that she didn't know who she was made it far more impossible to explain what was happening.


Just then the waitress came and asked for our orders, Sam was busy reading so I ordered those stupid smoothies for him, bacon, cheese burger and fries for me and Ruhaani ordered orange juice and fries. I waited for Sam to finish the letter.

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