18. A spell gone wrong

"Witches damnit! I hate them. They creep me out" said Dean. "So get this, vic's body was inside out on the floor, coroner saying it to be extreme allergic reaction to something." replied Sam. Ruhaani walked in and hugged the boys,"What's the case?" asked Ruhaani. "Witchity witch shortie" Sam answered. Ruhaani glared at Sam,"I am not short, you are a giant" she retorted. "So where are we going?" asked Roo. "Madison, Wisconsin" replied Dean.

They reached the coroner's office to interrogate him,after that they went to vic's house, where Ruhaani interrogated vic's wife, Sam and Dean looked around to find something in his house. Sam found a hex bag, they all returned back to the motel. Ruhaani was starving, she got groceries and made lunch while boys were out staking on a suspect.

She had her lunch and packed some of the lunch for Winchesters and met them at the rendezvous point. She took upon the staking while boys were eating. She noticed that the suspect they were staking was choking on her blood, she rushed to her door and boys rushed after her,she shot the door open and started looking for hex bags, she found the hex bex under sink and burnt it, the woman was saved, she thanked Ruhaani while boys rushed her to ER. 

The only link between the dead victim and the alive victim was their housekeeper, they both had hired from the same company, after a little digging up, Dean found out that the company was recently found by some people from out of town, there were red flags with everyone in this, the employees of the company were sketchy when they were being interrogated by Winchesters as FBI.

Little did they know that it was a coven of witches who moved into the town. All pretend employees were witches and pretend owners were the Head of the coven. After an ass load of research on all of them, Dean,Sam and Ruhaani prepared their ammunition to take down those witches bitches. They arrived at their office, guns blazing and chaos churring they took down almost everyone in that coven, but a dying witch cast a spell on Ruhaani, she died but the spell remained in-act, Ruhaani did not tell the boys about the spell as she knew the witch was dead and nothing would happen.

After reaching back to motel she started having visions rather illusions of people dying, people whom Ruhaani loved, dying, it started as illusions she could control but by the time they reached the bunker the effect of the spell got stronger, she saw her parents being murdered again and again and then her friends, she could not tell what was true or not, she started seeing John Winchester dying, Bobby being eaten, Dean being tortured by a demon Sam, and the loop continued. 

Sam and Dean tried to control Ruhaani but failed, she hit them and ran off but Sam had put bunker on lock down so she could not leave, Dean got her to bed, she was screaming all the way, screaming and begging them not to kill her parents, John,Bobby,Dean,Sam,Maya. She was in pain, physical,mental,psychological and emotional pain. Sam prayed to Castiel and asked him to come down to bunker to help with Ruhaani, Cas came and when he saw the state of Ruhaani, Cas turned weak, he could not explain it, something was not right with her, why was he feeling the pain that Ruhaani was feeling, Ruhaani was getting weaker and quieter day by day, she did not speak at all, apart from talking to herself,begging to stop from killing all whom she loved. "Dean, we need to find something, Cas is already out looking for the cure but is not able to find it anywhere, we have to stop her delusions" said Sam with major concern and panic in his voice. "I don't know anything Sam, whenever you or I go to talk to her she just listens and gives no reaction, earlier she used to cry now she has gone all mute, she keeps begging for the killings to stop, she might die if this does not stop" replied Dean.


Just then they heard a flap of wings, they thought it was Cas but surprise surprise it wasn't him. 

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