27. A little "me" time

Ruhaani read John's letter that Dean gave her, it had pretty much the same details as to what Gabe told her and in case of emergency side note. Dean had gone out, Sam was still in the bunker, Ruhaani was feeling lonely so she went into Sam's room without knocking, Sam was exercising, he was wearing only his pajamas, he was all sweaty and when he saw Roo, he stopped. Roo's eyes roamed around the tall, muscular man who pretended to be goofy all the time, she was checking him out. Sam smirked and Ruhaani blushed. "You like what you see?" said Sam. "Don't stop on my count Giant, I was enjoying the view" flirted Ruhaani. Sam smiled and Ruhaani chuckled, seeing Ruhaani laugh something moved in Sam. He liked her a lot, he wanted more with her, he wanted her. After Sam finished exercising he took a shower and came back to his room only to find Ruhaani using his laptop. "So what are you looking for?" asked Sam. "I wanted to watch some Bollywood movie, wanna join me Giant" "I don't have any Bollywood movie shortie" "Yeah, but netflix does" replied Ruhaani. "Okay, then scoot, I am watching it with you" said Sam.

Ruhaani went to get some ice cream and Sam went to get some popcorn before playing the movie. The two of them snuggled together, Ruhaani's head was against the side of Sam's shoulder and the two of them were watching the movie, the movie marathon continued till Sam fell asleep. Ruhaani felt his breath going steady, so she cleared out the bed of ice cream tub and popcorns, and put pillow underneath Sam's head, she saw him sleep peacefully so she curled up against his chest and he instinctively put his hand on her waist hoisting her closer, her head nestled against his chest and Sam's chin over Ruhaani's hair.

Ruhaani woke up the next day, in Sam's bed, but Sam was not there so she tiptoed her way to her room, trying not to wake Dean, but Dean saw her leaving Sam's room and assumed that they hooked up.   


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