Digte på engelsk

Poems of love and madness and other breathings of my heart

It is through the shared experience of art that we truly grow as human beings


2. Time goes on


I remember his love


Every happy moment

Every laugh we shared


And this is absolutely incredible

considering the amount of damage that mental illness has inflicted upon my memory.

In a strange way, it is beautiful 

that the only things I remember in life are moments of love


But it is also, oh, so horrible

because it is the only thing that I want to forget

because every time I remember, it tears my soul apart 

And it hurts so terribly that I think I just might bleed to death with the pain of it



how fate plays these games

Sends me this boy who stitches me up with his love

and then rips him away from me, and with him, my heart, my soul, my mind

But lets me keep these memories of love to torment me


until I have nothing left but the endless reminder that

time         goes         on 

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