Digte på engelsk

Poems of love and madness and other breathings of my heart

It is through the shared experience of art that we truly grow as human beings


1. Remember my story

Once upon a time there was a girl

who was being torn apart


She learned not to trust

to always have her guard up


How could you ever understand where I come from?

Even if you ask

Even if you listen

You do not really hear

or see

or feel

You don’t remember my story

You haven’t walked my path

You haven’t seen what I’ve seen

You only see your own story

You cannot heal me

You cannot save me


My past defines me

This is who I am

I am unseen



That is what I am, if even I am anything

Unable to see the dawn

to feel

to hope

to dream


And I find the darkest days of my life keep coming

It seems like it is always night-time and nightmares and never morning

And maybe I wonder why

but mostly I try not to think about it

and try to get by

and try to survive



my past

my history

This is my story  

and I will, eternally, be the only one to remember 

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