Sleepover 2


1. 24-25 march 2017

This sleepover we paid for ourselves and only zimi kaede and kaylee came

Others couldnt make it

So we again got fetched with minicooper and went to burger king .

A really hot boy came in and i was busy eating and counted my money when a R5 droppedand went around all the tables. Literally....around. It landed RIGHT in front of him and i acted like it wasnt there, right in front of him. But then he picked it up and gave it to me and touched my hand. He was my true love.

We then left and went to swim by ps. Dave. After a while i wanted to take selfies and we took then we asked keeran ( my brother) to take a pic of all us and he was STRUGGLING to take a pic.

He was like 'wait wait ' i almost got it but he didnt

We then went home and was gon go to the shop to get some sweets but then we took more then we were supposed to and we almost had to little money for dinner.

We went to the vid shop but then the guy was like noo you can only have movie if adult is here and blah blah blah when we came home a dog started chasing us and we ran for our lives

So we went home and played some games. We had a plan that when the pizza guy came i was gon act like british kaede was gon act like indian and zimi is gon propose to him

When he came, i did british accent kaede talked indian and kaylee acted like she needed the bathroom

Zimi asked him to marry her. He ignored all of us and just wanted the money. When he left my friends were like' yoh he took all our money just for a 'tip''

We then watched lights out but all of us were scared of the dark and i think we still are😬

I had to share some stuff with my brother but i didnt want to because he hid our sweets then got angry when i promised i wouldnt tell on him but i told my friends where the sweets were HE HAD NO RIGHT TO TAKE OUR SWEETS

We then did a few more things and went to sleep. I decided to prank them and did a few diana impersonations and it worked perfectly because i had bushy hair.

Zimi screamed and kept on wanting the light on. After a while we couldnt fall asleep so we tried to built a tent but we failed big time. We decided to say high lights and low lights of the day.

I obviously said high light is my true love. LOL.

Then zimi accidentally messed with astros on the bed so we fixed that mess then kaylee spilled the juice and we had to fix that also.

We tried to fall asleep but when i was only one up i decided to play some games on kaedes phone. In the morning we did morning routine and my mom almost made up the bed but then kaede offered to do that ( if you have a good memory you will know what 'accident' happened earlier)

We then did some musically videos i will try and make some videos available and pics if i figure it out.

So that was the second sleepover

Plz lemme knw which sleepover u liked the best

Sum of my friends would like to knw which sleepover was the best including me


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