The sleepover


1. 1

Chelsea's pov

It was my birthday and i wanted a sleepover so i invited my friends Kaede jada kaylee zimi and tafa. They all came

So my dad fetched us from school with the minicooper. We went to KFC and ate after that we went my pastor dave and watched a movie but jada pressed some button and went out of the movie

So we watched Barbie and a dreamhouse. Zimi decided on that.

Then jada and i decided to sneak to the kitchen and drink some juice without the others and we laughed so much that i vomited then kaede and jada had to clean it up.

Then we went to the beach. Tafa picked some weeds up and said it was a brain. Ai. Then she lost her stockings on the beach.

Since we had to get up to ps. Daves flat and we didnt have the keys we sneaked in and and washed our feet and was going to go up when this one woman asked us questions because she thought we were thieves.

When we went home we played twister and my parents played with and when my dad sat down he FARTED. We laughed.

Then we watched my big fat greek wedding 2

We played donker kamertjie and it was so fun. Tafa kept on screaming and my room was a mess when we were done playing

We had ice cream and kaede finished ALL the whipped cream. Unfair.

My mom said we had to go to sleep so we went. But we didnt fall asleep because we were scared we were going to get pranked and we KEPT on laughing. I kept on crawling around and i made everyone scared by saying wolves lived next door.

They finally fell asleep and the next morning i pranked them and kaede got me back by smearing foundation cream on my PJs

We then waited for their parents to fetch them and in the meantime we played swingball and j- board


This was a real live story that happened with me

Thx for reading

I will be writing a sequel and i will add some vids with the sequel( try to)

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