News On The Author!

This is just random stuff if you wish to keep up with me, that's all. I don't do author's notes since I treat my books like actual books so I will put all those Author Notes here so if you love one of my stories then best to keep up here. Also if you have any questions, put them in the comments and I'll get to you when I can.


1. Hello~! This is my introduction!

Hello lovelies~! (That didn't seem too professional did it...?) Anyway, I'm the Movallas Author, Taylor Burns. I was born on October 14, 2000 and live in the state of Tennessee in the USA. Nice to meet cha! I know I'm just starting really but I really had this account for about 4 years. I just... never finished my stories in the past and deleted them. Just never got into them. Hopefully that changes in the future. So I guess you can say... I'm redoing my account so I hope that's acceptable. I don't know.

You are probably wondering what this whole "News on the Author" thing is about. I get it. No one really does this. Most just do the Mumbles or Author's Notes, but I never liked the thought of Author's Notes on my stories and I'm not big on Mumbles.. I mean.. not even a little. So this is how I'm gonna reach out to my readers on my stories so don't worry I'm not leaving any of you hangin'!

So if you are reading and following up on one of my stories then it's probably best to keep a watch on this, too. Just to warn ya!

This is where I'm gonna do Author's Notes, answer any questions you have for me like Q&A's (unless it has to do with spoilers... I'm watching you..), and maybe even talk about what's going on in my life to my readers/fans. So really this is just my way of reaching out to all of you on things. Thanks for taking the time to read this, darlings~! Love you all~! Adios for now!! :3

~Taylor <3

Instagram: xforever.kawaiix

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