Riddle Me That, Mr. Nygma


1. Prologue


"We got a body pulled from under the Tri-Gate Bridge. Presumed suicide. But we need forensics to confirm".

"I'm on my way". I end the call from the GCPD field officer on duty and grabbed my hot coffee from the bench before stepping into the freezing winter 3am air. Being my first case with the Gotham City Police Department after my recent transfer from Miami, I was determined to ensure a good first impression of my work ethic was established. Even if my credentials didn't establish that already. 3 doctoral degrees in forensic psychology, forensic anthropology, and forensic pathology.

It was difficult to drive through the empty streets due to the thick fog inhibiting a lot of my vision through the windshield, however, it was still manageable. I sipped on my hot coffee as I made my way to the crime scene. The city was virtually empty aside from the night-owls inside and outside all the clubs and stumbling to make their way to the nearest fast food outlet. I finally made it to the bridge and saw the blur of blinding and flashing police lights. I parked my car and hurried to the scene where I was greeted rather seriously by Detective Jim Gordon extending his hand with the intent to shake mine.

“Good! You’re here! We found the victim at the base of the bridge. This bridge is a popular spot for suicides but we’d like you to take a look at the body”. Gordon definitely wasn’t the most smiling of people it seems but I appreciated his professionalism. He ushered me under the police tape surrounding the crime scene and led me to the body. Everyone stood clear of the body except for the forensic photographers capturing photographs of every angle of the scene for use back at the lab. The flashing lights from the cameras also helped to illuminate the body as there was virtually no daylight this early in the morning. I ensured to tread carefully around the body and cataloguing anything that may lead to evidence of decomposition.

“I found very little evidence of decomposition, this in combination with the early stages of rigor mortis in the body suggests that this death had only occurred just over 3 to 4 hours ago”. I announced my findings to the rest of the group and they all further documented and passed on the information. The team then proceeded to take various different kinds of samples from the environment at the scene and began to move the body to transport it back to the laboratory.

I followed the detectives back to the GCPD and headed straight for the autopsy room. When performing my autopsy of the victim I turned my attention to the skull before being interrupted by someone entering through the doorway. A tall and somewhat lanky figures stood awkwardly before me with a clipboard, glasses and a goofy smile. Clearly a fellow forensic scientist. He didn’t say anything initially so I just sought out to tell him my findings. “One thing is evident…”, I began. “…This was not a suicide”.

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