Riddle Me That, Mr. Nygma


4. Chapter 3

Chapter 3

“Well, don’t you ask peculiar questions frequently? I was wondering if to brighten your now dull and glum mood you would want to grab something to eat after we finish here tonight?” After asking, I immediately presumed he would say no and would rather wallow in his self pity. But instead, he surprised me.

“I suppose it could prove quite a suitable distraction”, he grinned. His smile instantly brought out my own and we silently returned to examining different bones before clocking out of the lab.

Ed and I were often the last to leave except security as our work was usually the most in depth and time consuming. Even though Ed was still well and truly consumed by his thoughts of Kringle, he maintained a chirpy and bright grin when eating opposite to me. I watched him pick out each individual piece of onion from his meal with precision and set it aside. His concentration was strong and he had very furrowed brows. He didn’t look angry or frustrated but simply deep in concentration on his meal and as a distraction to the outside world and the pain in which he was forced to face each day with constant rejections and belittlement, all his knowledge and intellect often going without appreciation.

Ed interrupted my thoughts and observations when he suddenly blurted out a fact to act as a distraction from his deep thought.

“D-did you know? The oldest official records of chopsticks being used in Japan is from the Kojiki, written in 712AD. It’s really quite interesting as the Chinese culture were known to use them earlier. However, asian cultures often do share many similarities”. All I could do was laugh at the fact that he always seemed to have various facts already at his disposal in almost any situation he’s placed into. He almost never has nothing to say.

“I actually didn’t know that, but I’m very very glad that I do now haha”, I laughed. “How come you know so much? It’s like you know everything!”

“I spend a lot of time alone reading, solving puzzles, playing games, I just have a lot of time to spend with myself and knowledge is very important”. I couldn’t help but feel a great sympathy at his response. I felt so sorry for the kid and how often he was disrespected and taken for granted when essentially he could be one of the greatest assets of the GCPD team.

“Ed?”, I decided to attempt to lighten his spirits. “Will-will you… tell me another riddle?” I asked. Ed grew a great grin and his natural desire to impress and please others was coming forward as he cleared his throat quietly and thought for a moment.

“Alright, here’s an easy one. The more you take, the more you leave behind. What am I?” He sat with a satisfied smile, convincing himself that I wouldn’t know the answer.

“Wait! Wait! I know this one! Footsteps?” I at least hoped I was correct or my confidence would have been embarrassing. He grinned and was pleasantly surprised with my answer. We spent the night eating and laughing together and as much as many people would dislike it, I was learning a lot from Ed and it was enlightening. I returned home that night extremely tired and my hunger satisfied before inevitably falling into a food coma.

I awoke the next morning with my usual rush to get ready and out of the house as fast as I could, quickly deciding to stop and grab and extra coffee and donut with my own for breakfast to bring to Mr. Nygma. I swiftly entered the GCPD with the breakfast I picked up, signed in to work, and grabbed my lab coat on the way to the forensic laboratory. As soon as I entered I spotted Ed at the corner table holding a microscope over one of the crime scene photos.

“Morning!” I yelled mildly startling Ed before a small laugh escaped his lips.

“Morning Y/N”, he quickly responded. I gently placed the donut and coffee I bought for Mr Nygma in front of his view. “What’s this for?” He asked puzzled.

“I thought you might be hungry seeing as you’re always attending work earlier than required of you”, he shyly thanked me and took a few sips of his coffee. Our morning greetings were quickly interrupted by Jim bursting into the lab immediately capturing our attention.

"There's been a body found directly underneath the midtown bypass. We'll need you both at the scene immediately".

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