My Life

My Life


2. Traumatic Expiriences

First off I will tell you some of these experiences are going to be fairly vague due to confusion about what actually happened. I will start these story from a young age lets start at the tender age of my late mounts of being two. This traumatic experience gave me an insanely big fear of heights that I am now over but it did effect a lot of decisions I made and make to this day. I was a great climber when I was young and was confident in my ability maybe a little to cocky but that is how you are when you are when you are in the age range of one to three. So my favorite toy had been put on the top shelf which was about 5 feet high. Not that high for me now but it was like mount Everest back then. I decided to climb up to it to get it and I was doing fine until I got my toy at which point my sweaty hand slipped and I fell. I had for the first time in my life cracked my head open. I got a few stitches and was sent off to hurt my self again. That was my first encounter with pain.

When I was in my early six year old months I was friends with pain. And he gave me another huge gift. I was traumatised enough not to ride a bike again until I was 12 years old. This time I was with the second oldest kid in my family my "best" older sister. We were playing around with the shades. We sort of had a rotation going from standing a chair to the windowsill and playing with the shades to an exercise bike with 2 metal bars on the bottom to keep it standing. I of course fell of of the windowsill right on to one of the two metal bars supporting the bike. This resulted in my head getting cracked open. But the great part about this was at this point in my life I was so used to pain it felt like I had just banged my head against a wall with about one forth of my strength. So I went over to the wight chair and rubed my head in the pillow. My sister asked if I was ok and I gave her a simple "I'm fine". Then went to the windowsill and started playing with the shades. My sister now seeing the red on the pillow called my parents and said Deadman "drew on the pillow with red marker. I again ended up with a few stitches and was sent back into the ginormous world to hurt myself again. 


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