The Twin

Andrew and Alexander Evans were twins that always seemed to be the talk of the town. They both had good looks and were very smart, but they always depended more on each other than the world.

"I hate them.." Alex mutters.
Andrew turns to his slightly older brother, confused. "Why?"
He watched as his brother smirks and that something evil seemed to lurk in the air.

What will you do when your twin brother turns into a complete blood-thirsty psychopath?

*** This story is rated YELLOW for Graphic Violence that might be a bit much for some readers. Readers have been advised!


3. Chapter 2

I woke up that night startled by the sound of a high pitched scream. Another victim. I got up and slowly moved down the stairs. I hated this. I hated living in fear. I knew exactly what I would see, but I never can get used to the sight of a murdered body and the smell of death behind it.

I stop about mid-way down the stairs. I try my hardest not to throw up or let out even a squeal at the sight. A woman lied underneath my brother. Dead as a door nail. I saw no wound so I believe my brother got her from behind when she wasn't looking. Blood seeped out from underneath her. My guess is; she saw him with the knife but had no time to react so all she could get out was a quick, petrified scream before getting stabbed in the back.

My brother obviously picked her up at a bar or some party. She was in a black-sequenced, tight, party dress that reached mid-thigh. She had on black heels and her blonde hair was went through with a curling iron, her makeup was done all sexy like, and I know she had something propping her boobs up. She was a complete hooker, or as my brother sees it, "the best target".

My twin brother was covered in her blood. His hands, the bottom of his shirt, and now his pants legs were all covered in the hooker's blood. A wicked smile appears on his lips as he stared at his new artwork. He takes the knife and starts carving into her chest. He rounded at the top of her shoulders then ended it at a point at the start of her cleavage. A heart. The new flesh wounds bled from his new markings, enjoying their freedom from the girl's body.

"What a pain..." He hisses under his breath. He holds the knife in the air. I turn my head away and close my eyes since I knew what was going to happen. I hear the slashing noise of the blade swishing through the air and slicing through a target then came the sound of blood splatter following it.

I hesitate as I look back. The woman had an added wound. A slice through the neck. Alex always did that as his finished move to make sure they were dead. The wound in her neck was half way deep and completely across. A clean cut as always. Massive amounts of blood poured from her throat and even made its way out of her parted lips. The widen eyes that once were covered in fear was now darkened and hollowed by her death. Her blonde hair seemed to have soaked up the heavy amounts of blood, leaving it a dark red color.

The once beautiful girl was now a hideous and awful sight.

"What a pity... I was really hoping to play with her some more." Alex mutters in disappointment then stands before the corps. His definition of 'play' is a normal humans' definition of 'torture'. He starts to head up the stares and I honestly hesitate to look at him, but that makes him mad. I look up into his eyes. His dark, dark eyes that have been corrupted by the evil mind. A broken mind.

He smiles at me softly. "Death is satisfaction and peace. Is it not?" He questions. I know that what he does is far from a peaceful death, but I don't tell him that. I hear him chuckle softly. "Goodnight, Andrew." He pushes passed me and up the stairs behind me.

"Goodnight." I choke out then look back at the woman left on the floor. Her head is facing my direction. Her neck is now disfigured thanks to the massive hug and she looks like she is blaming me for this. She's upset with me for not helping her... for not saving her from the killer that has now moved back to his room. "I'm sorry.." I mutter then move upstairs.

I shut the door behind me and move into my bed. Alex will most likely wait till morning to get rid of the body. That means I have to keep it in mind all night. I might even stay up all night, paranoid. I could turn him in, but I know he is hurting and suffering. Plus, he's my twin brother and I love him too much to ever betray him.

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