Delirious. Deluded. Deranged

Joker X Reader


1. Prologue


"Get the fuck out of here! You useless bitch! Don't think about setting foot back here again if you value your life!"

I struggled to hold the wet ground beneath my feet as I was dragged by my boss and thrown out of the club. I landed heavily onto the puddle soaked sidewalk outside as I sat in the heavy rain still in only my corset and heels.

I sat hopelessly in the water for what seemed like a lifetime. I had not only no energy to get up, but I also had no idea where I would take myself if I did have the energy to stand.

My hair absorbed the falling rain and fell down beside my face along with the smeared makeup stains running down my cheeks. Why? Was all I could think to myself. And what? What would I do? Where would I go? How would I survive outside of that club? It was all I'd known my work, all I knew I could do. I had no money, almost no clothes, no warmth, and lastly no motivation. I weakly lifted myself up and trudged down the sidewalk in the dark. Step by step succumbing more to the rain and to the cold. I limped slowly with my arms around myself struggling to keep my balance.

I saw a dark figure in the distance and kept my head down. Not establishing eye contact until I heard a close whistle. Before I even had a chance to look up I felt a force push me to the ground and drag me down the dark alleyway. A large hand was held over my mouth and I felt many different hands all over my body. I tried kicking and screaming with all of my force until I was punched in the face. I struggled to feel the difference between the rain and my own tears. I began to feel knives slice up my legs and down my chest, but I couldn't feel the blood spilling out of me.

I felt almost numb. I could barely see. I could barely even breathe. I saw the dark shadows hold up their bloody knives and blood stained hands to the sky and watch the rain cleanse their sins and eliminate any evidence of my body on their skin.

My body had gone into shock and I couldn't feel anything anymore. I laid in the rain for a longer time than I believed. I gave up on trying to walk upright so I attempted to shuffle or crawl further down the alleyway, the dirty street water seeping into my wounds and feeling an ache every time the ground pressed against a bruise. I continued until I couldn't move, my vision blurred and I gave in. All I saw was bright purple and green neon lights illuminating the building and thumping music before falling to the ground, losing sight and losing consciousness.

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