Delirious. Deluded. Deranged

Joker X Reader


5. Chapter 4: Diamonds

Chapter 4: Diamonds

"Come on baby" he said. "Show Daddy those diamonds".

I fluttered open my eyes to meet with his burning stare and I immediately felt the needle pierce my skin. He began creating his excruciating design from my upper thigh and around my ass. He was aggressive in his work whilst he would tattoo me, digging in the needle and tearing at my skin. But he was delicate in stroking my skin wiping away the excess ink. With every stab of the needle I would cry out in pain and tears would well up in my eyes. He moved his design to my opposite arm and started again. I could feel my skin being torn and excruciating pain fell over me before I cried out once again.

"Quiet baby..." he chuckled. "Daddy's working", he placed his hand over my mouth before swiftly and aggressively running his hands through my hair. Still with that desire to please him I fell silent. As silent as I could be. "What a GOOD girl", he praised me and I felt valued. I valued his opinion. I valued his gratification. I valued his praise and it was all I came to desire. I was afraid of him yes but I wanted nothing more than his approval.

The pain seemed to continue for hours and never lessen in intensity. As the time grew longer my exhaustion grew greater and I had no energy to react to the pain I was experiencing. My orientation of the duration of time became distorted and I didn't know whether I was strapped to that table for 1 hour, 2 hours, or 10 hours. But no matter how much time had passed the pain never eased. He discontinued his artwork and brought his face close to mine, sharing the same breath. He tilted my neck slightly to the right, exposing the skin before roughly kissing it. His hot breath made my skin sensitive and made my hairs stand on end. He pulled back and I met his gaze with great difficulty but that made him smile.

"Such pretty diamonds, aren't they?" He said referring to my eyes, clearly intrigued by them. His eyes remained locked with mine as he effortlessly freed me from my restraints. "Come!" He summoned me and held out his hand. I reluctantly took it and still struggled to maintain my balance after the seemingly endless ordeal. He lead me down many hallways before reaching a room with a golden door. Turning the handle he grinned at me and summoned me inside. There were no windows anywhere in the building, making it unaware as to determine whether it was night or day until the club guests would arrive. The only illumination was offered by the neon lights displayed in various colours around each of the passageways until you reach the disco lights of the club.

I stepped inside the room and briefly observed the large bed, the pink neon lights, the fluffy carpet, the singular pole situated in the centre of the room, and the walls constructed entirely out of mirrors. Before I could take another step of curiosity I was pulled back and pinned against the wall. The madman had my arms held against the mirrored walls by my wrists effortlessly with one hand as the other immediately explored my body. His hand roamed around my back, trailing his fingers over my chest and down my sides whilst aggressively attacking my neck with his mouth and his cold metallic teeth, sending shivers down my spine. I fluttered my eyes shut and focused on the sensational pleasures he was giving me when he stopped suddenly. He stroked his tongue from my collarbone, up my neck, and up to my jawline before stepping back and stroking his hair. Breathing heavily before alternating his course and beginning to leave. Stunned and sensually frustrated I stood still. I could feel my heartbeat and I could feel my erratic breath. I could feel the euphoria before exhaustion overtook me. I set my weight against the mirrored wall and slowly slid myself down onto the floor.

You never saw Mr. J if you wandered around the halls. He would disappear and remained hidden and unseen until opening hours. He would disappear under the cover of night and the darkness would conceal him from the outside world. The entire world outside of his own insanity. Occasionally you could hear a gunshot. Many lives were taken under this roof but I needed the money. And despite the fear this place brought I didn't want to leave. I felt trapped but also felt willing to stay here. For the moment anyway.

A number of days had passed and I never saw the madman. My instructions were clearly set out each night. Dance. Nothing more. Nothing less. But he was there tonight. He sat secluded behind the beaded curtains situated at the back of the club sitting upright and powerful whilst leaning on the head of his cane staring into empty space. He did nothing and yet he was still able to strike fear into those who were forced to enter his presence. Those who dealt with him knew how unpredictable he was. His unpredictability meant they were unable to prepare sufficiently when meeting with him. And that every word and action required careful thought and evaluation before being carried out for the repercussions were not only careless, malicious, and dangerous, but also life threatening. He would not hesitate to blow your head off of your spine with a single shot. He was unable to feel fear. He feared nothing and no one. He did not fear receiving death or giving death as a gift to those who defy him. He was reckless, he was fearless. He was delirious, he was deluded, and he was deranged. His guests were filled with fear, that was clear. And he thrived on that power.

He whistled loudly and summoned me over. I unravelled myself from my silks and dropped fearlessly and graciously to the floor. Setting one heel down at a time before he offered his hand to me. I took it gracefully and stood beside him. The grin on his face was dark and evil.

"Diamond, I'd like you to meet some of my friends".

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