Delirious. Deluded. Deranged

Joker X Reader


4. Chapter 3: House of Fun

Chapter 3: House of Fun

"Now baby..." he began with a deep inhale and a wicked grin "welcome to my house of fun".

I was afraid of this man. Afraid. But also intrigued. Intrigued at his power and intrigued at his confidence in his stride. Intrigued not only by the fear he could strike with less than a glance, but also intrigued at how fearless he was. He feared nothing and no one. No one could stand in the way of his pursuits. He sat with might in his stature as I sat opposite him with the inability to maintain mere eye contact. He chuckled with sheer wickedness in his voice and leaned back holding out his empty palm before it being quickly filled with a beverage.

"Oh doll.." he began to speak before the sound of gunshots echoed through the building followed by a ringing of screams. Multiple men masked by various animal heads laughing crazily and terrorising those who fear their lives. Everyone simultaneously dropped to the floor except for the fearless maniac 'Mistah J'. He pulled his gun from one of his holsters and carelessly and fearlessly, throwing his head back and laughing maniacally. I heard the clicking sound and I jerked my head behind me seeing a gun aimed straight toward the back of J's head. I felt my heart pound out of my chest and each individual breath pained me to take. I could feel the sweat drip from my brow before I leapt and gripped the second handgun from the insane man's second holster. My eyes darted back to the figure in the dark before I felt a sharp shooting pain hit me in the shoulder. My breath hitched in my throat, throwing me off balance and causing me to fall to the ground. Using what little energy that remained I raised my hand and aimed at his chest before firing. Silence fell through the building before I dropped the weapon and my balance gave in, causing me to drop heavily to the floor, staring at the ceiling and screaming in agony.

I heard all sounds of gunshots cease and I was unaware of the casualties and who suffered them. My eyes blinked slowly and heavily and I could hear nothing but the sound of my own heartbeat ringing in my eardrums. The pain in my shoulder felt numb and dull. My vision blurred I still observed bullets flying overhead before everything became still and I heard he sound of faint footsteps. The crazed man I had intercepted a bullet from hitting stood above me with a wide grin. His smile broke into malicious laughter before he lowered himself to my level, kneeling beside me. He cupped my face into his hands delicately but still with darkness dancing in his eyes. Playing playfully proud of me he stared right into my eyes.

"Well aren't you... SUCH a good girl" he grinned before once again breaking into laughter. Breath heavy and overtaken by exhaustion I felt my body become weak before my vision went dark.

A cold sensation pressed against my entire back as I awoke on the cold steel tabletop. My movements were restrained and I began to panic. My mind began to race and I could feel each individual sense so vividly. Each hair on the back of my neck rose and felt like crawling spiders tip-toeing across each patch of exposed skin. I could hear twinkling sounds fading in and out of my conscious awareness and each characteristic of every breath I took. I could taste each tastebud on my tongue. I could smell the dirt and filth around me and every aroma became more dramatic and more colourful. I looked around where I could and saw various coloured empty syringes beside my head and I felt as though I could experience colours on a more intense spectrum. Everything was so clear and so bright.

I heard an evil laughter echo and bounce off the walls and the sound of slow and daunting footsteps lurk all around me, making it unaware as to where the source was located. I heard a deep breathe being took and a small growl.

"You know... I like you a lot. You've been soooo good.... and... so obedient... I like that a lot". He slowly and tauntingly ran individual fingers along the outside of my legs, dancing his fingers over my skin as softly as though my skin were as delicate as glass. He trailed his fingers up the side of my body and behind my neck. Struck with fear I shut my eyes to avoid meeting his piercing gaze.

"Oh yes such a good little girl... how about a reward? huh? I think you'd like that". He taunted me and whilst I was consumed with fear, I still had a desire to please him and I still had a desire for his gratification and praise. I feared his power but I admired it at the same time.

I remained still with my eyes shut before I here a sudden buzzing of a tattoo gun. I immediately shook and my breathing became erratic. I heard the madman walk with obvious confidence in his stride. I heard him stop and felt his warm breath hover above me.

"Come on baby" he said. "Show Daddy those diamonds".

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