Delirious. Deluded. Deranged

Joker X Reader


3. Chapter 2: Scurry

Chapter 2: Scurry

He chuckled again as he leant on his cane before coming close, stroking my chin and bringing my face to his. "...Not much of a talker are you kitty?... Where are you off to in such a scurry?"

I sat with my mouth gaping open and my body shaking with fear.

"I.. I.. I uhh I.." I couldn't say a word before he slowly and offered me his hand, revealing each finger one by one before his open palm. I rose slowly and took his hand, his cold jewelled hand, and stood to my feet keeping my head down not wanting to look him in the eye. His height towered over me and you could tell he intimidated anyone who stood before him, myself included. He tickled his fingers lightly underneath my skin whilst I kept my head firmly directed toward to floor.

"Come on baby.. look at Daddy" he playfully pleaded while dancing his fingers over my face and under my jawline. I keep my head still but open my eyes to meet his piercing gaze. He gave an exaggerated gasp and threw his head back dramatically, "oh baby.. eyes like diamonds". I was still frozen with fear to show any emotion so I stood in silence and looked into his eyes. The man crawled his fingers up my arm and behind my neck until his arm became wrapped over my shoulders. "Come on... we're gonna have some fun.." he said with a chuckle and a big grin. His other hand showed me the way as he led me back downstairs into the crowd I had previously wished to escape. He stepped down first and led me down each glass step as I hear my heels click against each step. Everyone subtly came to stare at us. Myself specifically. And whilst being in front of a crowd was something I was used to, being in front of a crowd being led by someone like this I was not.

"I would like you to meet my... friends.." he presented a group of men sitting at a table staring hungrily at me as I took my seat beside the crazy man avoiding eye contact with the others who stared at me like ravenous dogs.

The insane man began to discuss business plans and large sums of money and all I felt safe doing was sitting straight with my hands in my lap and watching the candle sitting in the centre of the table, watching the flame dance around the wick like I would dance around the pole. The man with the piercing eyes would clearly establish his dominance in his carelessness. In the way he draped his arm over my shoulders as possession, in the way he held his gun in his hand and threw it around as if it's killing potential didn't exist, and in the way he would laugh or not laugh. How he would stop and stare with a terrifyingly still expression, and then throw his head back and laugh at his power and control over everyone who set foot into his presence.

It was not required for him to say any words to signify the end of the discussion. He would simply wave his hand and have multiple suited men come and escort his clients to the exit when he felt he was finished with them. I sat deathly still as he rose to his feet and offered me his hand once more with that smile that would strike fear into the heart through the eyes. Afraid, I took it, and I was led into a small room positioned at the back of the club.

He would express his superiority over his environment in the way he walked and manipulated the things around him. He would enter a room either by having a servant open the door for him, or by using his cane to push or pull open the door. Either way never establishing direct contact with his surroundings and distancing himself from it. He used the head of his cane to pull open the door this time and gestured for me to enter a deep pink room and be seated on the small red plush ottoman. I barely had time to seat myself before something was thrown onto my lap. I displayed it in front of my eyes and what I saw was a gold sequinned bodysuit with various black card symbols carefully positioned and placed over it.

"Change. Mistah J... will be waiting", the crazed man said with a wicked smirk before he bit his closed fist playfully and closed the door behind him. I stood in front of the mirrored walls shaking from the cold before I began to strip down, replacing the corset from my old tattered life with a new shimmering one. I walked slowly and fearfully toward the closed door before reluctantly opening it. I opened it slowly to see 'Mr J' sitting extended over the couch, legs wide, arms wider over the rim of the couch. I was comfortable in front of a crowd. Just not this one. He made me feel like a piece of meat. Licking his lips, the madman growled through his teeth and ushered for me to sit beside him as I did so. He paused for a moment to allow his eyes to roam and travel around the curves and edges of my body, allowing his fingers to follow closely. Tracing his fingertips over my hips and up my side, over my shoulders and up the side of my neck before gripping my face with his hands.

"Now baby..." he began with a deep inhale and a wicked grin "welcome to my house of fun".

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