The one who got away

This is a love story that will stick with you forever.


1. The first sight


  They say you never know what is right around the corner..... where does this story start well it starts in the heart of London, my home city the place where you come either for a fight or some entertainment, but that's not why I'm here. I'm here to clear my head and there is no better place than my local café which served my favorite caramel coffee and that's where my story begins.....  


it seemed like a normal day until she walked in, who you ask well lets put it this way my heart stopped and started to feel uneasy as if someone had released millions of butterflies in my stomach, her brunet wavy hair fell perfectly resting on her shoulders and her eyes held the whole universe, who knew that moment will change my life forever.I would approach her but my legs feel like jelly, I'm not the sort of person that looks for love but when I saw her I knew she was different and I needed to make a impression, the more I sat there the more nerves rushed through body over thinking every scenario until I convinced myself to introduce my self.    







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