The one who got away

This is a love story that will stick with you forever.


3. Rental problems

​It felt like a forever walking by myself back to my apartment and up the stairs to the front door of my so called home, as I grasped the door knob I noticed a note up on the door, it happened to be a eviction notice my heart sank at the sight of this but I wasn't going to get put down by a piece of paper, I ripped it off the door, scrunched it then through it in the near by bin.


​I pushed open the door to my apartment shut the door and took a deep breath in and filled my self with all the smells of left over pizza and the essence of dirty clothes that was left on the floor for once in my life I think I have found the cure to my problems after seeing Jessica my problems didn't matter anymore and felt the urge to call her I picked my phone up off the coffee as I expected no texts or phone calls. Shaking with nerves and excitement I searched my pockets for the note that Jessica left me with the phone number on it. As I opened the note my heart stopped and it seemed the world stood still all I could hear was my heart pounding as I started to type in the number.


It was ringing she picked up within seconds and it was all quiet "umm hello its me from the café Joe" it was silent again and then after a few moments she replied with a soft tone "hey what's up?" I was about to tell her about my problems financially but I stopped mid sentence and then said "everything is fine I just wanted to hear your voice again I know this sounds weird but even though we just met and this is crazy but..... Well I sorta like you would you like to go out for a drink sometime?" took her a whole minute to reply I just sat there biting at my nails while I waited for a answer. my stomach twisted and turned while I waited I reached for my bong to try calm my nerves as my finger skimmed the glass she replied with the word "when?" I then replied hesitating "h-how bout tomorrow? lunch? or is that too soon" she took a deep breathe and in her soft tone "Tomorrow at lunch time sounds perfect" 

​All in that moment I stopped shaking smiled and swiftly replied "ok great I'm up for that do you want me to come meet you somewhere?" she replied softly "same place we met." at that moment it felt like I just died and just met God "o-ok" I replied with that she hung up and I just dropped on to the couch and led there with a huge smile left on my face and just as I pushed my self off the couch and striped down and hopped into the shower and spent a good 45 mins in there.


​As much as I tossed and turned that night I couldn't sleep, I was too busy thinking about Jess and every perfection she had from the waves in her hair to the smile she gave me along with the sound of her voice playing over and over again inside my head. Damn was this love or was this something else I promised my self after my last ex I would never date again because I had been hurt so many times but if this does work out I'm not going to walk away from that. she's probably not interested in me I'm just a waste of space but yet why did she give me her number. With that I checked my phone to see if I had any messages to my luck there wasn't any, all it displayed was the time which was coming up to 4am with that I shut my eyes and tried to sleep.


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