The one who got away

This is a love story that will stick with you forever.


4. Long wait for love


​I got up as early as possible so that I could get ready and head up to the road to the café where I set my eyes on the most amazing person in my whole entire life, I arrived at the café at 9:46am with flowers in hand that I had hand picked from my neighbours garden. I then dashed up the next few blocks to be here, upon arrival I noticed that the place was pretty much empty and only had the staff and five or six people sat at different tables enjoying their morning refreshments to get them ready for their day. but there was no sign of Jessica, I quickly pulled out my phone to see if she called or text me but there was nothing.


The member of staff approached me at a fast pace darting straight towards me asking "what would you like to order?" I then said actually I don't have any money, I'm just here to meet the women of my dreams here, she gave me a soft warm hearted smile and replied  "that's ok I wish you luck" I smiled back and replied softly "thank you I'm gonna need it." I sat down at the table and waited.


hours went by and time was nearly 4:30pm and I was starting to lose hope and felt like I was unwanted I checked my phone to find that I had one text message had came through 30 seconds ago. It read 'sorry not able to make it something has came up' for some reason I felt a cold shiver shot through my spine it was like someone moved a feather very slowly down my back for reason I didn't feel right as if there was something wrong. I replied 'hey what happened' and I continued to sit there and wait for a reply and within 3 mins I received another text saying 'don't worry bout that, ill be ok' after reading that my phone died. 

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