The one who got away

This is a love story that will stick with you forever.


2. Impressions

I have never been the confident type to talk to woman but this was different i needed to talk to her i have no idea why but the closer I got the more my nerves kept kicking me trying to force my body to bail on the whole operation of trying to get her attention it was the slowest walk i have ever done in my whole entire life. My heart felt like it was trying to escape my body and started to sink lower and lower it felt like it started to skip beats.


As I slowly made contact with the table she was sat at with her red lips wrapped round the rim of her cream tea, I opened my mouth but no words were coming out with that she saw me and then looked at me with wonder and blurted out in the softest tone you could possibly imagine and she asked "can I help you" with that my heart stopped and i started to ramble and mutter then eventually I brought my self to speak "hey sorry I have never seen such a beautiful girl such as your self do you mind if I sit down" what the fuck was I saying I've never been able to flirt or even compliment anyone like that before.

With that she smiled and invited me to join her we must have stayed there for hours chatting nonsense about ourselves and what we do for a living her name was Jessica but when she was leaving she left me her number and ever since there i haven't been able to go a second with out her on my mind. Fuck knows what made her not send me away I'm not even a interesting character and shes the first person I've a proper chat with in years I told her my name was Joey but she refused to call me it instead she thought jo-jo was better. 

After she left i felt like I had to talk to her she seemed to actually enjoy my company or was that a act? these are the questions I was asking myself on the way back to the one place I call home, my apartment.

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