Two Lives. One World.

Two different people, who were supposed to be enemies from the start, fall in love and soon enough, their friends and family are against them. Jacob/OC.


8. The "Oldest" Sibling

When Bella had gone home to Forks for the summer, she had just remembered the small box Jacob had given her and was told to keep. She had driven over to Jacob’s house. The Cullens still haven’t moved back to Forks. Bella wasn’t sure if Valarie had gone with them. She parked her car out on the driveway in front of the house and walked up to the door. She rang the bell and waited a minute or two. “Bella!” Valerie had surprised her with a hug, which was graciously returned. “It’s been so long!” The old friends reconciled. Valerie had just arrived from a hunt while Jacob was busily patrolling. Bella was surprised to see Valerie in La Push. The two pulled away from the hug when Bella asked Valerie about the rest of her family. Bella could tell that Valerie didn’t want to discuss any detail of the rest of the Cullen clan. “I came for Jacob.” answered Valerie. “As you already know, my family has moved out of Forks. They failed to call me and tell me their location. I can’t stand them.”

“They’re your family.” said Bella.

“Family is about supporting your decisions. Apparently Rosalie and Jasper are the only ones who do. You and Charlie are the only ones whose ever supported me.” Jacob arrived, in human form, and approached the girls. He kissed Valerie on the lips before greeting Bella with a hug. The two friends helped Bella load her stuff inside of the house. Charlie was sitting in the living room watching TV when he had heard everyone enter the house. He stood from his seat to greet his visitors at the door. “Hey Bells.” He gave his daughter a tight hug, which Bella graciously returned with a light chuckle. The two pulled away from the hug before Charlie proceeded to give Valerie one. In some ways, Charlie treated Valerie like a daughter because of her friendship with Bella and of her return back to Forks to be with Jacob. To Valerie, Charlie reminded her a bit of her dad. A knock at the door sounded at the Swan residence that startled Bella. Neither were expecting any visitors, but Bella had gone to answer the door anyway.

A man appeared at the door, who appeared to have a similar hair color to Valerie. His eyes were a bright blue. “Hello, I’m looking for Valerie Taylor.” said the man. A picture was held out towards Bella’s direction for Bella to get a closer look at the girl. As it turns out, the girl in the picture was Valerie at 19. Valerie heard the man’s voice. It wasn’t familiar to her and approached the door herself. Jacob was determined to stop her, except he hesitated. “Why are you asking for her?” Bella returned the picture to the man with her arms crossed over her chest. Before the man could answer, he saw the other girl walk up behind Bella. For a mere second or two, he couldn’t believe his eyes. The girl who stood behind Bella with red eyes looked identical to the picture he had been carrying for years. “Valerie?” He asked her. Valerie was curious as to how the man before her knew her name when she didn’t know the stranger. The face to her wasn’t familiar at all, except how he resembled her dad. She saw that they had similar bone structure and around the same height. “Elijah?”

Elijah had been the only name that stood out in her mind. The man looked to be around 37. Elijah nodded in reply to his own name being heard. Valerie’s little brother had grown up. She hadn’t seen him since the night their parents died when he was only 15-years-old. Valerie wasn’t sure whether to give her brother a hug or wait for his realization. She saw him furrow his eyebrows together in confusion as he looked at her. She noticed that he had done a double-take between her and the picture he was holding in his hand. “Valerie? How—What happened to you?” It was clear between them that their roles had switched with him being the “older” brother model when in truth that Valerie was only four (human) years older than him. How was she going to explain to Elijah without scaring him away? Though she had to give him props for not running away now. Before Valerie could answer, Jacob had walked up behind her. Bella had left Valerie and Elijah to talk. “Who’s this guy?” asked Jacob.

“Jacob, this is my younger brother Elijah. Elijah, this is Jacob.” Valerie introduced the two. Elijah assumed Jacob was in his mid-20’s (at least). The two men shook hands before Valerie asked if she could be alone with her brother. Jacob nodded and quickly told Valerie that he’ll be inside the house with Bella. Valerie stepped outside and walked a few feet away from the house. “How did you know where to find me?” asked she. Elijah wasn’t sure how to answer that question or where to begin exactly. He said that since he was 15, he moved from foster home to foster home until he was able to live on his own at 18. Still, he had never given up asking people about where she was seen last and who knew her. “I visited very place in the Northwestern part of country, especially here in Washington. I wouldn’t have expected for you to go very far. It was when I was driving to Seattle did I come across this town called Forks. It didn’t take me long to find the Police department and the school. I asked about your records. They told me that you were living with this family… the Cullens. They gave me an address, but the house was empty. I had better luck with a second one they gave me, and it was this one. They said that a Police officer of the name Charlie Swan would know you.” Elijah felt very odd to see his older sister before her in the age she was when she was supposedly died.

“Well, you’re at the right place. It might have taken you 19 years and me as well. The times when I was leaving my family was also a reason to find you. Elijah, you’re my true family. You’re blood. As much as I love the Cullens and how gracious they were to take care of me, I was still missing you and our parents.” said she.

“I never knew what happened to them.” Valerie could hear the tone in his voice change. It was almost as if the death of their parents was his fault. She reached out and hugged her brother tightly without trying to crush. “Bad people killed our parents Elijah.” she whispered. Elijah pulled away and asked about those bad people. Valerie herself wasn’t sure herself of the identity of the individuals who killed their parents. She wish she knew the answer. She could only say that they were killed by vampires. Though she wasn’t sure how her brother would react to her being one. She didn’t want him to assume that the Cullens killed their parents. She knew that they wouldn’t do something like that. “How are you 19 Val?” Elijah showed her the picture. It was taken a few weeks just before she was turned.

“Where are the others?” Valerie asked about their younger siblings. There were two others: twin girls. Valerie and Elijah were the oldest. Elijah wouldn’t answer her question until she answered his. He repeated the question to her again. This time, Valerie knew he was determined to pull an answer from her lips. “I’m a vampire Elijah. I was turned on April 2, 1990. It was the very night our parents died. I have been 19 since then.”

“A vampire?” Valerie could see that her brother was very confused, and so she explained him the story of what she was in the same manner it had been explained to her by Edward. She explained it slowly and asked him repeatedly if he understood everything she had said. Elijah exactly couldn’t believe what she had been saying was true. Though with Valerie being the oldest, he had to. He had never taken her as someone who has lied to get her way. “I know it’s a lot to process Elijah, but if you know where our sisters are—“

“They’re in New York.” Elijah interrupted. “They’ve gotten married, and they’re fine. You have nothing to worry about.”

“I’m glad they’ve each found someone, but you—“

“Don’t worry about me Val. I can take care of myself.”

“You spent most of your life searching for me. I’m sure you must’ve found someone.” Valerie heard a rustle not too far away from where they were standing. She called out to the stranger to come out from where they were hiding. A young woman appeared, followed by a young man who looked to be close to Jacob’s age. Valerie recognized them as Leah and Seth Clearwater, who were a part of Jacob’s pack. “Where’s Jake?” asked Seth. Valerie motioned to Bella’s house. Without a moment to waste, Seth jogged to Bella’s house, leaving his sister with Valerie and Elijah. Leah was about to speak when her eyes met Elijah. Valerie wasn’t sure about what was going on when Jacob and Seth exited Bella’s house. She was about to ask Jacob when he told her that he’d discuss what was going on with her a different time. “Let’s go Leah.” Seth said impatiently before he started to run and quickly turned into a wolf as he headed towards the forest.

“Coming!” Leah called before following her brother. Valerie had sworn that Leah almost looked like she was in a trance with Elijah. Jacob asked Valerie if she was going to join them. Valerie said she would take the time and do some catching up with her brother. Jacob nodded and kissed her cheek before following the Clearwater’s into the woods, turning into a huge wolf. “What—How?”

“Come inside. I’ll tell you all about it.” smiled Valerie.

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