Two Lives. One World.

Two different people, who were supposed to be enemies from the start, fall in love and soon enough, their friends and family are against them. Jacob/OC.


1. The Odd One

9 Years Ago... 

Valerie Taylor ran as fast as her 19-year-old legs could carry her, turning to see if the dark shadow was still following her. Blood was running from her arms and legs, making small trails of blood behind her. It was the night of April 2, 1990. Her family had lost almost everything. Their house, their jobs, and the only thing that was kept: their clothing. Her parents had died in a terrible accident, which Valerie and her younger siblings wouldn't believe that certain "thing" who had killed their parents was a vampire. Valerie had no idea what a vampire was; and she never knew that they were dangerous. She remembered her family telling her that vampires were just myths and didn't exist in the real world. Soon enough, she would encounter one and find out that they were wrong. She ran into a forest in hopes to lose the shadow, but it continued to follow. 

Out of the corner of her eye, more and more of that same shadow were fast approaching her. Next moment she knew, she was being surrounded by seven of them. She looked around in terror, almost paralyzed until one of them aimed for her neck. Once she awoke, she felt a burning sensation in her throat. She looked around, still seeing the seven of them were still there. She felt an urge to speak but couldn't find the right words to tell them how she felt. She wondered how long she had been in the forest. "She's beautiful Edward." A small, petite girl said. The young girl glanced up at the boy beside her, who was much taller than her. The boy scoffed, as if he didn't care. Valerie immediately felt left out. She had the urge to start crying. The tears ran down her cheeks. This was alarming to the others around her. 

"That's odd." Valerie heard a man say. His footsteps approached her. She saw him crouch down before her to lift her chin. The tears were still falling down her cheek and onto the grass in the clearing. "Carlisle, leave her. She wasn't worth saving." A blonde haired girl had crossed her arms. Valerie silently guessed that the blonde was jealous of her. Why would she have any reason to? The blonde was clearly more beautiful than she. It made her curious. Another boy with blonde hair had asked her where she was from. He was stood next to the blonde. Valerie thought that they could be twins. "In the city, just a few miles outside of the forest." Her voice rang and echoed throughout the forest. It sounded like bells ringing. It was soft and calming, like her human voice. 

The burning sensation had come back. Valerie tried to ignore it but couldn't. "You must be thirsty." Said the petite girl. The girl had a pixie haircut, short and brown. She noticed that they all had topaz colored eyes. She wondered at what her eye color was. Valerie blinked at the girl, still processing what had just happened to her. A muscular boy chuckled lightly and said, "We're vampires Al. We're always thirsty." 

"Some of us can control the thirst Emmett." The blonde girl glared at him. 

"I'm Alice. These are my siblings: Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper, and Edward. Carlisle and Esme are our adoptive parents; but it's Carlisle who is our creator." Alice, the petite girl, motioned towards everyone who gathered before Valerie. "You know, someday I think we'll be great friends, or sisters even." Valerie gave Alice a slow nod and a half-hearted smile. She started to slowly stand from her spot in the clearing. Though, she felt a bit light-headed. She was able to stay upright despite the light-headedness. "What's your name?" Asked Emmett. 

"Valerie." Answered she. Valerie wanted to say her last name. She couldn't. 

Rosalie mumbled, "I bet you remember a lot of things about your human life." 

"Honestly, I wish I could forget about it." Valerie looked down at the ground and forgot about being thirsty. Rosalie was now curious about the new girl. "My family had lost everything. We had nowhere else to except outside of the city. As I was walking home from school, I found my parents... dead. We stayed in our home for a few days before selling it. My younger siblings could be anywhere or dead for all I know. If they're alive, I'm not sure if I'll find them again after what happened to us." 

"You have us." Jasper smiled. He was also new, well new to the whole vegetarian diet of only drinking animal blood instead of human. Valerie smiled softly and said to them that she appreciated for their kindness, but added that she didn't exactly fit in.  "You're the perfect addition to our family." Esme smiled and hugged Valerie. This came as a surprise to Valerie. She was a bit relieved that Esme was so welcoming. She reminded Valerie of her mother. The two pulled away from the hug. "You're a Cullen, and don't mind Edward. He'll warm up to you, eventually." Alice winked. "He's a good hunter; and maybe he'll teach you about control. Just be patient with him." 

"Vampires don't cry, so where did the tears come from. They don't have feelings like humans do." Rosalie told Valerie. 

"Maybe that's her sixth sense: to have human feelings." Alice hypothesized. Valerie wasn't just a vampire. She was a vampire with a heart. Jasper added that Valerie wouldn't be any different from them because she has human feelings. Rosalie rolled her eyes and told everyone that she wasn't going to share a room with Valerie before running off. Esme suggested for Valerie to share Edward's room. Valerie heard Edward give a low snarl. She figured he didn't want to share a room with her since all of the other rooms were already full. "Just for a few days Edward." Alice begged her brother, knowing full-well that Edward hated to say no to her. He sighed because he couldn't stand her optimism. He turned, shortly following after Rosalie towards the house that was miles away. "Guess I have to help him clean out the garage... again." Emmett groaned and followed Edward.  

Everyone else followed and arrived that the Cullen household. They entered through the front door. The house was spacious, enough to fit at least 50 people. Maybe even more. "C'mon, I'll give you a tour." Alice grabbed Valerie's hand, which surprisingly felt warm to her and headed upstairs. While the two of them were upstairs, Rosalie complained about the new addition to the Cullen family. She sat at the dinner table that was used for family meetings because they don't eat. "Rosalie," Carlisle paused. 

"Why do I have to be blamed for saying what's on my mind? Edward followed her scent." Rosalie crossed her arms. Footsteps entered the dining room. "She hasn't even had her first taste of blood. Maybe she's also a vampire who's not thirsty most of the time." 

"Rose," Emmett started. "She doesn't deserve to be treated this way." Rosalie stood up and walked away. Esme had seen the look on Valerie's face and reassured her that Rosalie will learn to love her like a sister. Emmett followed Rosalie into the living room to comfort her. Alice, Valerie, and Esme sat down at the table. "Are you thirsty?" Carlisle asked. 

"A bit..." Valerie trailed off but was wondering if she had done something wrong. 

"Rose is jealous because someone is a little more beautiful than her. Also, you're the newbie around here, so eyes are on you." Jasper winked at her. Carlisle turned to Edward to suggest for him to show Valerie how to hunt. Even before Carlisle had started to speak, Edward was already walking towards the door. Esme said that when the two of them come back that everything with the others will be sorted out. Valerie nodded and reluctantly stood up, and then she followed Edward out the door.  

9 Years Later... 

"Edward, why are you acting like this?" Valerie got out of Edward's car. Edward had the car parked in the driveway before she stepped out. Everyone else had followed but saw Carlisle and Esme stood outside. Carlisle told everyone that they needed to speak with Edward and Valerie alone.  The two of them exchanged glances with one another. The others were surprised because their parents didn't often single anyone out. They usually talked together at the table as a family. They entered the house and closed the door behind them. "I wonder why Carlisle had asked to talk with them specifically." Emmett sat down on the couch and turned on the television. Rosalie sat beside him as Jasper and Alice joined them. While Emmett flipped through channel after channel, Edward and Valerie were both annoyed with their parents' decision about the two of them getting married. "We don't have a say in this?" Asked Valerie. 

"You both need to understand what we're all going through." Carlisle said calmly. Valerie didn't want to move again. Carlisle reminded her that the reason for the move was to avoid from being exposed. The only thing she could do now was listen, and she never listened. She was constantly stubborn, even more than Rosalie. She was the troublemaker in the family. "Carlisle, can't we reason this out with the others?" Edward motioned behind him. Esme answered for her husband by saying that the two of them should keep the marriage idea a secret. The marriage wasn't their idea, and it annoyed Valerie. She said that Alice would find out sooner or later. Carlisle told them that they will be given a year to work things out. "What if one of us find somebody else to be with?" Valerie knew the question was directed towards her. She couldn't deny that Edward could be right. She felt that deep down inside that one guy would see her as a normal person, not someone who had to be forced into getting married. "Well, let's hope the both of you will find someone who can make you two happy." Said Esme, which was all that she wanted for her children. 

That evening, Valerie sat down on her bed. "Is that why you were acting depressed earlier?" Edward sat on the couch in the living room before he answered her question by saying, 'Partially.' Valerie was curious about the other part. Before she could ask the question, Edward was on her bed in seconds. She was pressed up against the headboard; and his face inches away from hers. "I don't want to lose you." He whispered, but sounded serious. She gazed into his eyes and found that she couldn't turn away from him. As he held her gaze, this forced her to give him a small smirk in order to ask him if he liked her. She knew she'd get an answer from Edward no matter what mood he was in. Over the years they had known each other, the two of them had grown close. At first Edward despised her but somewhere along the way, he did fall for her. Though, this very moment was the first time Edward had ever hesitated before answering. He smiled, "What do you think?" He had asked the question in her ear, which sent chills up her spine. He traced her jawline with his lips and breathed in the scent that had come off her. He slowly pulled away before leaning in to kiss her.

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