Two Lives. One World.

Two different people, who were supposed to be enemies from the start, fall in love and soon enough, their friends and family are against them. Jacob/OC.


3. Once In A Lifetime

"Who's that girl over there?" Rosalie asked. A girl entered the cafeteria talking with Jessica Stanley. Edward told his sister that the girl's name was Bella, which was short for Isabella. Valerie sensed that something was wrong. Jasper caught on and asked her what was wrong. Valerie told him she talk with him later as she stood and threw her food away. She could tell that her family would get along with Bella just fine. "Do you think Val is jealous of her? It seems like Edward has a new crush on the new girl." Rosalie turned her attention towards her siblings after Valerie had left the table. Emmett brought up about the possibility of Valerie missing her human life. 

"Maybe Val's ex left her for another girl." Jasper said. 

"I don't think that's true." Alice told him. Jasper didn't defend himself, but he knew that could be what was bothering Valerie. He and Valerie had shared their personal experiences together since he had been a comfort to Valerie lately. As months passed, Valerie and her siblings were close to graduation. It was a mere two weeks away. Alice was right about becoming friends with Bella, which only left Rosalie to ignore Bella. "We'll see each other next year." Said Valerie. 

"What if we decide to attend different colleges?" Asked Rosalie. Emmett said they all have the entire summer to spend together before that happens. They seven of them walked out to the parking lot. The two of them were holding hands. Jasper and Alice as well, except for the other three – Edward, Bella, and Valerie. They were walking side by side. Bella and Edward weren't officially together just yet. Valerie was okay with not holding hands. "Let me drive." Edward said. Rosalie and the others had gotten into her car to drive home in. Valerie suggested that Edward should drive Bella home instead since her dull orange colored truck was parked in the lot. He gave her a low growl. Valerie growled back, almost sounding like she was going to rip someone's head off. "Fine, I'll drive her home. Let's go Bella." Edward lightly grabbed Bella by the arm and walked away with her to the truck. Valerie smiled, proud of herself as she got in her car and drove on down the street. Edward arrived at Bella's house with her truck and opened the passenger door for her before she unbuckled her seatbelt. Bella got out of the truck while he closed the door. "Valerie seems-" 

"You'll get used to her." Edward interrupted. He walked her to the front door. 

"How are you going to get home?" Bella had just started to ask the question when Valerie had driven up in front of her house. At the exact same time, Bella asked Edward if Valerie can read minds as well. Valerie had gotten out of her car to explain to Bella that her sixth sense was having human feelings, which meant that she acted human but isn't human. She had interrupted Edward by answering Bella's question herself. "She's also good at interrupting people." Said Edward. While the three of them stood outside the house, Charlie Swan had driven his car into the driveway next to Bella's truck. He got out and was surprised to see Bella with some friends that she had seemed to bring home. "Hello Mr. Swan. I'm Valerie Cullen, one of Bella's friends." Valerie held out her hand towards his direction, figuring that Edward was reluctant to make the first move. 

"Charlie." The two of them shook hands, even though Charlie seemed unfazed by the cold touch. Valerie introduced Edward to Charlie once they pulled away from the shake. They too shook hands before bidding their goodbyes because it was time for them to head home. Bella and her dad watched Valerie drive off down the street. "Valerie seems like a sweet girl." Charlie smiled. Bella nodded in agreement before the two of them entered the house. 

Later that evening, Edward was just about to head out the large open window before Valerie questioned about where he was going. She begged him to take her with him. Edward spoke against her going with him and added that he'll be back before dawn. It was another night Edward was going to 'spy' on Bella while she slept. Valerie thought he was being a stalker. "Fine, go spy on your girlfriend." She smirked but was sitting on the bed with her arms crossed. Edward rolled his eyes and exited the room. She let out a sigh before lying down on the bed and closing her eyes. When she had awoken, the sun was peaking over the horizon. Edward had just arrived and joined her in bed. "What did she talk about this time?" Valerie sat up and faced him. 

"She called out my name twice and that was it." Answered he. 

"Maybe she's in love with you." Valerie smirked. Edward groan and said Carlisle is about to call them for another meeting. The two of them get out of bed and headed downstairs. Shortly after they enter the dining room, everyone else arrives and joins them at the table. This time the meeting was about Edward and not Valerie. She was relieved. Carlisle discussed that it was dangerous for him to be hanging out with Bella, who is human. "Wait, a human is more dangerous than a werewolf?" Valerie asked. The whole werewolf topic was new to her. She understood why humans were difficult to be around because of the bloodlust. She, like Carlisle, had no problem being around humans as opposed to her siblings. "Werewolves save people, and they hate us." Said Alice. 

"I don't understand why we have to be enemies with them. Why can't we just get along and be friends?" Valerie's family had explained the reason why werewolves and vampires didn't get along; but her sixth sense was sometimes a hindrance to the Cullens. Edward let out a sigh and led her away from the table. "Val, you'll understand when you're on their side of the treaty line. Besides, I hate it when you ask so many questions." 

"Like Bella." 

"Bella doesn't ask questions to annoy people, unlike you..." Valerie growled at him playfully and he did the same. "You're like Alice, except less... cheerful." She nudged him on the way back to their room. When they entered, Edward shoved her onto the bed but it didn't break. He climbed on top of her with his face inches away from hers. "Valerie..." Edward's breathing was shortened. He had felt her hands near the button of his pants. He knew what would happen if they went further. It was difficult to resist her, but it was more difficult for him to resist Bella because she was human. "I know you're waiting for the right girl." Valerie pulled her hands away, which gave Edward an opportunity to pin them down onto the bed. He had done the pinning a bit too forcefully since the bed creaked underneath them. He chuckled lightly and told her the girl he wants is playing hard to get because she wants to fall in love with someone else. His icy breath felt good against her skin when he kissed her throat. Valerie pushed him off of her and got on top of him, again the bed made an even louder noise that could be heard by their siblings. "Tell me about this girl Mr. Cullen." 

"She has beautiful long brown hair, hunts better than me, is annoying, and is a great kisser." Valerie raised an eyebrow at him, only because the description seemed very specific. Edward said nothing, but smirked up at her. Valerie smiled softly and leaned in to kiss his lips. 

That very same evening, Valerie and Jasper had gone out to watch the sunset. It was a routinely event the two of them experienced together. "Beautiful isn't it?" Valerie asked her brother as the sun started to set. The two of them weren't too far apart in age. Jasper was nearly a year older than her (20), but Valerie had always thought of Jasper being much older because of his experiences during the Civil War. "Too bad there's no one else at the house except you to share this moment with." Jasper sighed. Carlisle was working late, Esme never had the time, Alice was out shopping with Rose, and their two brothers were out hunting. Valerie leaned her head on his shoulder and felt his arm wrap around hers. "You know something Val, you look beautiful in the sunlight, even if we sparkle." She smiled up at her brother and hugged him. She loved how he knew the right things to say to make her feel better. Jasper hugged his younger sister as the sun set behind the horizon, and the moon was in the sky to light up the darkness. Valerie started to wonder if there was going to be another moment like this with someone she loves, someone who'll see her as a normal person (excluding her sparkly skin). Once in a lifetime. She thought and sighed.

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