Two Lives. One World.

Two different people, who were supposed to be enemies from the start, fall in love and soon enough, their friends and family are against them. Jacob/OC.


4. Meeting the Enemy

"Wow Val, I heard you and Jazz have a little something going on between you two last night." Alice smirked. Valerie rolled her eyes and explained to her sister that they were only watching the sunset, but knew Jasper had told Alice. She shook her head slightly at seeing Jasper hold up his hands in defense. "You know what I hate the most?" 

"What? Carlisle and Esme still pressing you to marry Edward?" Emmett asked jokingly. 

"It's the fact that we are always missing days of school when the sun comes out. I mean take Bella for example. She has these people called friends, and who do I have? A bunch of siblings who think I'm crazy whenever I try to hang out with them." Valerie ignored his joking tone.

"You'll become thirsty sooner or later, so you can't have humans as friends Val." Said Rosalie in a matter-of-fact tone. 

Valerie sighed, "At least I'm not thirsty... yet. Also, I'm able to be myself around humans instead of looking at them like they're something to eat. No offense Jazz..." 

"None taken." Jasper smiled at her. After school, everyone was deciding on who was going to drive Bella home. She had appointed Valerie. Of course, Valerie didn't mind driving Bella but stated that Charlie could be tired of seeing her already. Bella said that her dad adores Valerie, even though he has trouble getting a grasp on the whole vampire thing. She was just thankful that Valerie doesn't often hunt like the rest of her family because of the preference for human blood over animal. "Plus, I want to talk to you about something. There's a reason why I chose you instead of Alice or Rose." Valerie handed her keys and tossed them to Jasper, who was the other trusted driver of her Camaro. They walked to Bella's truck and drove to Bella's house. The two had gotten out upon arrival. Valerie handed Bella her keys after Bella briefly apologized about the truck. "I can get someone to fix your truck, or we can just buy you a new one." Valerie suggested. 

"You don't have to buy me a new car and waste your college money on it." Bella smiled. Valerie nodded softly and brought up the main topic of interest as to why Bella wanted to talk with her alone. Bella wanted to introduce a friend of hers to Valerie. "How old is your friend?" Valerie heard a car make a right turn down the down the street. 

"16." Replied Bella. Charlie's cruiser had appeared on the street and entered the driveway. Charlie had gotten out to see the two girls stood outside the house. He was most surprised to see Valerie but welcomed her with a warm smile. "Would you like to stay for dinner?" Asked Charlie. He added that an old friend of his was coming over and his son would be joining them for dinner. Shortly after, a truck had driven in front of the house and parked near the pathway of the front door. Charlie helped his friend out of the truck and onto a wheelchair. "Who are they?" Valerie whispered to Bella. 

"They're from the La Push Reservation. That's Billy Black, the one in the wheelchair. The other one is his son, Jacob." Valerie carefully eyed Jacob from where she stood beside Bella. There was something about the air around them that changed, which almost caused her to make a face. She didn't want to be rude, so she did her best to maintain her composure. Charlie helped Billy with his wheelchair, so it was stopped before the two girls; and he could be formally introduced, along with his son. Valerie held out her hand to introduce herself. "I'm Valerie." She gave a warm smile in hopes that Billy would take it as a kind gesture. She was relieved that he returned the handshake with a firm grasp. "Billy Black, nice to meet you." She then pulled her hand away and proceed to shake hands with his son, except something about this particular handshake was different to her. His hand was warm against hers, despite her temperature being ice cold to the touch. "Jacob." 

"Valerie." Neither of them noticed about the different temperatures, and in that same moment, their eyes met. Valerie wondered if he was feeling what she was. She hadn't felt this way before about anyone, including Edward. "Are you from around here?" Asked Jacob. 

"I just moved here from Alaska with my family. My sister hates the cold, but I don't mind it as much. I do like Forks though. It may be a small town, but the climate and everything is just amazing." Bella liked that her two friends were getting along: one a vampire, the other a werewolf. Jacob wondered if Valerie was staying for dinner and was glad that she was when she had said so. Though, Bella was worried about if they found out each other's secrets. She wasn't sure they would like each other after that. Everyone entered the house. Bella and her friends headed upstairs to Bella's room to chat before dinner was served. "I'm jealous you get a room all to yourself." Valerie sat down on Bella's bed. She found it difficult to keep the image of Edward sneaking into Bella's room to 'spy' on Bella out of her mind. It was almost humorous. 

"Who do you share a room with?" Bella turned to her friend. 

"Edward. It wasn't my choice to. His room was the only room available, according to everyone. Rosalie didn't like me back then." 

"Do you think Rose will learn to love me?" 

"Bella, you have a choice. Rosalie wasn't given that. My parents were killed by vampires; and I don't know where the rest of my family could be. I'm not sure if their safe or... dead." Valerie looked down at her hands. One of the reasons why Valerie accepted to stay for dinner at Bella's was to be away from her family for a little while. She didn't really like how hectic they can be sometimes, and maybe a bit overprotective. She knew they cared about her and were watching out for her; but she was old enough to fend for herself. "I really can't stand those... bloodsuckers." Jacob said upon hearing Valerie's story. In some sense, he did feel bad for the girl and how she had lost her family to them. "They're always trying to hurt people, and I don't really like that they do." 

"How would you react if someone told you that you met one of those?" Valerie looked over at Jacob. He had pulled himself a chair from Bella's desk and was facing the girls. He gave her both a surprised and confused look. "What? Are you...?" Jacob motioned a gesture towards her direction. Valerie could do nothing else, except nod. She gently bit her lip and looked away, only wondering to herself if exposing her secret as a vampire to Jacob was a good idea. "Edward told me this story about the treaty line and how my kind shouldn't be allowed to cross it. There would be a lot of consequences if I did." 

"You're not like them. You're different." Before Valerie could explain to Jacob why, Charlie had called Bella and her friends downstairs for dinner. Valerie was the first to arrive downstairs and waited for the other two. Charlie had three pizza boxes laid out on the small table. Obviously one was for Jacob to have, another was for Charlie and Billy, and the remaining for Bella. Charlie and Billy were in the living room watching a baseball game on television. Valerie sat at the table with Bella and Jacob, who had already started on his third slice of pizza. As Bella ate her pizza, Valerie wished that she was human to have some pizza. "You and Jake seem to be getting along just fine." Said Bella. Jacob was too busy devouring food to pay attention to the conversation between the girls. "He and Edward don't really like each other. They both complain about the smell. I seem to have trouble understanding what that is." 

"Let's just say we don't find each other's scent appealing." Valerie glanced over at Jacob. She couldn't understand why Edward and Jacob didn't get along. Her phone had rung. She picked up to answer it. It was Edward on the other end saying that he'll be coming over to Bella's to pick her up. Valerie warned him about coming over, but Edward insisted before hanging up. "Great." She mumbled under her breath. 

"What was that about?" Jacob had finished the entire box of pizza before helping himself to seconds with Bella's share. Valerie stayed silent, which led Bella into thinking that Edward was coming over. Bella heard a knock at the door and called out that she would answer it. She opened the door and saw Edward stood before her. "Where's my sister?" Asked he. Valerie appeared behind Bella. "Let's go." Edward grabbed Valerie's arm, which he knew she hated and walked her out to his car. They got into the car and began the drive back to their house. The ride to their house was long and silent. Valerie could sense that Edward was fuming, only because she had been around Jacob. "I was worried that you weren't coming home." Esme was about to give Valerie a hug before stopping mid-step. Everyone had arrived downstairs when Valerie and Edward entered through the front door. Rosalie started to complain about the smell to which Valerie had said that Bella had a friend over for dinner. "Sorry he rubbed off on me." Said Valerie. 

"Well take a shower first before hugging any of us." Jasper joked. Valerie rolled her eyes and headed upstairs to take a shower. After her shower, she changed and was greeted by everyone with a hug. "You smell much better now." He added. Valerie lightly hit her brother and chuckled when she hugged him. Later that night, she laid awake in bed only thinking about Jacob. She still couldn't understand why Edward hated him so much. She knew it was more than just the smell of him being a werewolf. She let out a sigh and closed her eyes. Why do I like him? 

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