Two Lives. One World.

Two different people, who were supposed to be enemies from the start, fall in love and soon enough, their friends and family are against them. Jacob/OC.


13. Jacob Imprints

Edward and Bella came home. They shared the room that Bella was staying in while Valerie slept in hers. For the first time in a long time, she had her own room. Though she had been staying with Jacob that allowed for Rosalie and Emmett to sleep in her room until Jacob had gotten better. Now that Emmett and Rosalie were planning to move back into the Cullen house, Carlisle and Esme decided to give Edward the keys to the other house.

It was secluded and farther away from the city. This would allow Bella and Edward some space to their own. For the time being, they were at the Cullen’s house because of Bella’s growing belly. “Staying with Jacob?” Edward was leaned against the door frame of their bedroom. Valerie was giving the room to Emmett and Rosalie. She was packing a small suitcase. Since the wedding had been canceled and engagement ring was returned, Valerie felt the need to get out of the house to give Edward and Bella the space they needed.

“Valerie, I’m sorry that things happened this way.” said Edward.

“It’s okay Edward. I have to go.” Valerie zipped up her suitcase and headed downstairs. Bella was sitting on the couch. She bid goodbye to Valerie, who promised that she’ll be visiting from time to time. She said to Valerie to tell Jacob that she said ‘hi’ and give him a hug from her. Valerie nodded, promising she’ll do that and said goodbye to everyone before heading out the door. She packed her suitcase in the car and started the drive on down the highway to La Push.

When she arrived, she parked the car in front of Jacob’s house, who was quick to greet her upon her arrival. Valerie hugged him while he returned the hug. “Bella says hi and that was a hug from her to you.” said she. While her wedding wasn’t going to happy, there was a wedding that was in the planning stages—Leah and Elijah’s. Valerie couldn’t have been more happier for her brother.

“Is everything okay?” Jacob could read it on her face that something was bothering. The two of them were in his older sister, Rachel’s room. Valerie was sitting on the bed and sighed. She had yet to break the news to Jacob about Bella’s pregnancy. It had only been two weeks since it was announced to her by Edward. She didn’t want to break the news for Bella and Edward. She wanted them to tell Jacob on their own. “Have you talked to Bella lately?” asked she.

“No, why?”

“I think you should.” Valerie took out her cell and held it out to Jacob. He looked at her phone and took it to call Bella. He stood and walked out of the room. Valerie waited until he entered the room. When he did, Jacob handed her the phone. “Bella’s pregnant. Did you know about this?” She replied to him that she had known for two weeks. She apologized for not telling him sooner. Jacob forgave her and suggested that they should go visit Bella. Valerie nodded in agreement.

The two of them headed out to her car and made the drive back to the Cullens. She followed Jacob into the house and went up the stairs where Bella had sat on the couch. “Jacob?” Bella was surprised to see him. Though, she could honestly say that she was relieved to see him. Jacob noticed that some of the other family members were staying away from her. It was only at the same time did he realize the open cup of blood, which Bella had been drinking from to keep the baby alive.

Valerie seemed unfazed by the smell of the blood. “Jacob, you’re here?” Leah and Elijah entered the main room. “The others are outside. They heard about the pregnancy.” Jacob asked Leah to go outside with him to talk with the others. Valerie stood beside Edward, who was a few feet away from Bella. He whispered in her ear about how the pregnancy was going for Bella. He said that for the time being, Bella is confined to the couch. Valerie went outside to see what was going on. Jacob and Leah were in front of the house, along with Seth. “Sam, you’re not hurting Bella.” said Jacob. Valerie saw that all of Jacob’s friends were gathered behind Sam.

“It’s not Bella they’re after. It’s the baby.” said Valerie. “Guys, can we at least work this out?” Paul growled angrily at her. Seth returned the growl. Emmett and Jasper had gone outside to see what was going on. At least now, the numbers were even. Valerie headed back inside to go check up on Bella, except she wasn’t in the main room. She found Edward with Bella in another part of the house. “We have to cut the baby out.” said Edward.

“What?” asked Valerie.

“It’s the only way.”

“Where’s everyone?”

“Valerie, you need to help me. You’re the only one who can tolerate this much blood. Carlisle is busy with the others. This is my venom. I need you to give this to Bella as soon as the baby is out. She won’t live through this.” Edward handed Valerie the syringe. Valerie looked at it and nodded. She watched him hold a scalpel in his hand, which he used to cut open Bella’s stomach. Finally the baby was out. Edward smiled and announced to Bella that it was a girl. Rosalie had arrived with a towel as Edward cut the cord. “Let me take her.” said Rosalie. Edward was hesitant but handed the girl over to Rosalie, who had taken her away to clean her.

“Congratulations Bella.. Bells?” Bella wasn’t responding, which Valerie decided that this was the best time to insert the syringe into her chest. Edward gave her chest compressions to hopefully allow the venom to run through her system. Valerie had stood to the side, watching in silence. Meanwhile, Jacob entered the main room. He had only heard that Bella was dead and walked inside to avenge her. Rosalie was inside, holding the baby who looked to be about a year old in just a few short minutes. Jacob approached the two of them until his eyes met the baby’s, and he stopped immediately in his tracks.

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