Two Lives. One World.

Two different people, who were supposed to be enemies from the start, fall in love and soon enough, their friends and family are against them. Jacob/OC.


5. Gone

"I don't like you hanging around that... mongrel." Edward had entered their room the next morning. Valerie was just about to head out to go hunting, or that's what she was thinking anyway. Though, Edward knew the truth. "Mongrel?! You can't start calling people names Edward." She couldn't believe that Edward was still holding a grudge against her about hanging out with Jacob. Edward warned her to stay away from him. Why was he suddenly being the protective older brother? He knew how she felt about him from reading her mind. Valerie pushed him away from her. "He's not right for you." Said he. In pure rage, she left the room. She ran until she was away from the house. She turned her head to see that no one was following her. What did stupid Edward know about love? She ran to Bella's house and heard the footsteps going down the stairs. Bella answered the door. "Val, what are you doing here?" Asked she. 

"I need a distraction." Valerie was in no mood to explain to Bella about what had happened with Edward. She didn't even want to think about what he had said to her. He doesn't know what was best for her. Bella told Valerie that she was just heading out to see Jacob and invited her to come along; and Valerie agreed. "Where are you girls going?" Charlie had emerged from the living room. 

"We're headed out to La Push to see Jacob. We'll be back soon." Answered Bella. The two of them had gotten into Bella's car to drive out to the Reservation. When they arrived in front of Jacob's house, Valerie was silently thinking to herself about the treaty her family had warned her about. She hesitantly got out of the car as Bella was heading up the path to the front door. "I'm not meant to be here Bells." Valerie whispered, low enough for Bella to hear. She knew there was someone or something nearby; and it sent chills up her spine. "I'll just wait near the truck; and we can go somewhere else." Bella went up to the house alone and knocked on the door. She waited a minute or two before Billy answered the door. She asked him if Jacob was home to which Billy replied that he was out. Valerie could hear that he was lying. Neither Billy or Bella had realized that Jacob snuck out of the house and approached the truck where Valerie had stood. "It's not safe for you to be here. You might get caught." Said Jacob. 

Valerie smiled, "I wanted to see you." 

"Really?" Jacob was more than happy to see Valerie. Since the day they met, he couldn't stop thinking about her. He only wanted to see her again. Bella approached her two friends, surprised to see Jacob and questioned him about where he had gone. Valerie suggested for the three of them to head out to the clearing in the middle of the forest. Both of her friends agreed and started to walk there. They finally reached the meadow. Bella and Jacob sat down on the soft grass. Valerie was about to join them when she heard a rustle in the trees behind her. "Valerie, don't." She turned her head to see Alice being followed by everyone else. She knew her siblings would eventually follow and figure out where she had run off to. "Oh, like you have any reason to stop me from sitting with my friends." Valerie told Alice. 

"You crossed the line." Rosalie said coldly. Of course, they weren't alone. There were growls that were different from their own. Four large wolves had appeared. Valerie's family were disappointed in her. She knew she crossed the line. She wasn't stupid. She did it on her own accord because she hated to be treated like a child. After all, she was the youngest in vampire years. "You disobeyed us." Edward added. 

"I know I'm different. I hate these stupid rules. I don't understand why we can't get along with them. We were people once. I was right to think that I don't fit in." Carlisle and Esme had arrived in time to hear what Valerie had said. Before either of them could console their daughter, Valerie ran off. She sent her thoughts to Edward, who was the only one who had heard her apology. Edward started to follow her but was stopped by Alice. "Give her space Edward." She looked over at her brother. Through all of this, Jacob had faced his friends. They had arrived because a vampire had crossed the line. Bella begged for them to not fight. She wanted them to talk things through. Though as it was said in the treaty that if a vampire had crossed the line that fighting was the only option. Jacob didn't want to fight either for Bella's sake, but it had to be done. He gave Bella a hug and told her to leave. As he pulled away from the hug, he had slipped something into her hands. "If she ever comes back, give this to her." Bella looked down at what Jacob had given her. It was a small box. Carlisle instructed Esme to take Bella home. Esme nodded and proceeded to leave the forest with Bella. 

A week had passed since Valerie's departure after crossing the treaty line. Almost everything had been put back in order, but Valerie hadn't come home. Her family started to worry about her. Bella had been staying with them since Valerie's leave. Though she wasn't enough to fill the empty void that Valerie had left behind at the Cullen household. "Val will miss graduation." Jasper said, sounding hurt that his sunset watching companion had left him. Emmett missed his hunting partner. Alice's phone had rung and took her phone out of her pocket to answer. "Val? What's—Okay. Rose, Valerie wants to talk to you." She held the phone towards Rosalie's direction. Everyone was surprised at this since Rosalie and Valerie hardly ever got along. Rosalie reluctantly took the phone from her sister's hands and walked out of the room. Jasper was curious about Valerie's phone call, as was everyone else. Bella still had the box Jacob had given to her, which she hadn't opened. Rosalie came back and handed the phone back to Alice. "What did Valerie tell you?" Edward was more concerned about Valerie than everyone else, only because the two of them shared a room and had almost ripped out each other's throats over the years. 

"She's not come back to Forks. She's going to Alaska." Answered Rosalie. 

"Is she staying with Tanya?" Carlisle had hoped that Valerie would stay with them. Rosalie shook her head, unsure of Valerie's true whereabouts. She did say to them that Valerie thinks she's falling in love with Jacob.  

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