Two Lives. One World.

Two different people, who were supposed to be enemies from the start, fall in love and soon enough, their friends and family are against them. Jacob/OC.


2. Finally Getting Along

The next morning, Valerie caught Edward reading a book. She gasped, "Edward Cullen is reading a book?!" She skipped over to the couch and sat next to him to ask what he was reading. Edward answered roughly saying the book wasn't his, but it was Carlisle's. Valerie wondered why he was in such a sour mood and figured it was the marriage thing. She gently bit her lip and quickly took the book from his hands before she started running. Easily, Edward caught up with her; but she was quick to escape his grasp. She headed downstairs and ran outside. He followed her and grabbed her from around the waist. Everyone else rushed to the window to see what was happening. "Edward, put me down!" She squealed.

"Not until you give the book back." Edward was holding her with one arm. When she returned the book to him, he dropped her. Everyone watching laughed at the two of them. Valerie found a small pebble and threw it at his head. Edward turned around with the book in his hands. He was pretending to be furious with her when she stuck her tongue out at him. She had gotten up and started to run away from him. Though, she had run into him when she thought he was behind her and landed on top of him. "Are you okay?" She looked into his eyes. Edward reached up and caressed her cheek softly. He had dropped the book when he had hit the ground. He smiled softly and looked into her eyes. "I am now." He leaned in and gave her a soft kiss on the lips.

The two dusted themselves off. Edward grabbed the book from the ground and gave it to Valerie. She handed the book to Carlisle as they entered the house. Edward's arm was wrapped around her shoulder. Everyone shook their heads at them while the two headed back upstairs. "I knew those two would get along." Esme smiled.

"They are more entertaining than TV." Emmett chuckled. Rosalie nudged him, playfully. Jasper had asked aloud to his family about what life would be life if Valerie wasn't apart of their family. "Edward would have to find someone else to fall in love in love with. Valerie would've been killed if she hadn't smelled so good to him." Said Alice. Edward and Valerie headed back downstairs when Valerie suggested that their family should have a vacation.

Emmett questioned, "Don't we always have one?" Valerie rolled her eyes at her brother and told him that missing school when the sun comes out doesn't count as a vacation. She wanted a real vacation, just the eight of them. Rosalie agreed with her and brought up the question about where they can go without exposing their secret. She had always dreamt of a vacation. It was a well-needed one for all of them. Alice suggested Alaska. Rosalie hated the snow. Emmett enjoyed it because the Grizzlybears come out of their caves from hibernation to hunt fish. Valerie sighed; but Alice reassured her that they'll figure out a place to go for vacation. "You and Edward should fight more often." Suggested Jasper.

"Emmett said the two of you were better than TV." Rosalie stated.

"Better than TV?" Valerie looked at him. Emmett knew immediately that the look in her eyes meant that he was dead. He was pressed up against the wall as she approached him. The difference between Valerie and her family was that her eyes were crimson colored, not only was she new but she still lived off a human diet. She giggled and hugged him. She could never be mad at Emmett for cracking jokes. "You thought I was going to hurt you." She looked up at him when she pulled away.

"You are terrifying." Emmett teased.

Later that evening, Valerie and Emmett were discussing the clothes he had chosen to wear for school. Emmett didn't like that she was criticizing what he was wearing. "Okay, okay... I'll change the shirt then. Just don't call Alice." He looked through his closet and pulled out a different shirt that Valerie had approved before bidding her older brother good night. She walked to the room at end of the hallway and closed the door behind her. She found Edward lying on her bed with his hands behind his head. He was leaning against the headboard. She sat down on the bed. "What are you thinking about?"

"Mostly you I suppose." Edward answered casually. Valerie moved over and sat beside him. She was unsure if he was telling the truth or lying to her. "Look at me, I will never lie to you. If I do, you can get mad at me for as long as you'd like. Remember this one thing: I'll always protect you. No matter what happens." Valerie smiled and laid down on the bed. Edward laid down next to her and wrapped a protective arm around her. The moon shone through the glass window in their room while they slept with thoughts the future. On Monday morning, the sun had shone through the window. Valerie groaned. She hated the sun sometimes. Edward chuckled lightly upon hearing her thoughts. Before he could say a word, there was a knock on the door. "Come in!" Valerie called out and sat up. Edward sat up as well. "Good news!" Alice grinned, flashing her bright white smile. The other two kept silent. "We're having another family meeting." What's so good about that? Valerie glanced over at Edward. Alice left the room. Edward and Valerie reluctantly followed after her.

As soon as they arrived downstairs, everyone was already at the table. Edward sat down in a seat with Valerie in his lap. "What's this good news Alice is excited about?" Rosalie had asked the one question everyone else was thinking. Alice spoke up by saying that there was a person in the room who had a birthday. Everyone exchanged glances in her head. Today was February 18th. Valerie groaned, knowing whose birthday it was. "No, not today."

"Yes, today is your day Val. We already got your presents yesterday." Alice smiled and grabbed her sister's hand. She led her outside to the driveway where a brand new Chevy Camaro was parked. "I've always wanted one of these. Who-?" Alice turned and motioned towards Edward, who was leaning against the door frame. Valerie ran to him and hugged him to show him how thankful she was. She pulled away and wondered how they all kept the car from being seen by her. Of course they had to distract her. They all went back inside the house where the rest of the presents from her siblings remained. There was a large box with silver gift wrapping, which Alice said was from herself, Jasper, and Rosalie. Valerie swiftly opened the box to pull out a photo album that was useful for pictures. She thanked them and set the album aside when another present was shoved into her hands. "This one is from Carlisle and Esme." Valerie opened the envelope. Inside were two tickets for a trip to the Caribbean. She assumed that one was for her and the other for Edward. She thanked both of them. "What about Emmett's present?" Valerie asked.

"I... just wait until you look inside the photo album." Said Emmett.

When the weather was cloudy enough for the siblings to go to school, Edward was leaning against the door frame watching Valerie frantically looking around the room. "I'm forgetting something." She searched the dresser, the bedside table, and even the shelf. Edward smirked and held up her car keys in his hand, knowing that was the exact item she was looking for. Valerie took them from him and blamed him that she was going to be late because of him. She walked past him and headed downstairs. Alice asked Valerie if she could ride with her to which Valerie had agreed. Everyone had gotten into their cars and drove to school. As they arrived, many of the students couldn't help but stare at Valerie's car, which stood out from amongst the other cars in the parking lot. Valerie got out, along with Alice. The two entered the school. Edward followed close behind them. The other three followed Edward into the building. "Well everyone adores you." Rosalie mumbled under her breath during lunch.

Valerie stood up with her tray and threw the food into the trash. She stormed out of the cafeteria without a word. Edward stood and followed her. "How can she say that?" Valerie turned to him. Edward could hear how upset she was. Though he felt that there was more to her rage than just Rosalie being jealous of her. "After we graduate, it'll just be you and Alice alone in this school." Edward took her hands and caressed them softly. He promised that they will spend time together in the summer before they go off to college. Valerie nodded and leaned in to kiss him. It was quick but lasted long enough until the bell had rung. Edward walked Valerie to her class before they parted ways. Calculus went by pretty fast. Valerie couldn't stop herself from checking the clock every now and then. "You seem to be in a hurry Val." Emmett said as they exited the class together. 

"I just want to beat traffic." Valerie smiled and hurried to the parking lot. She saw Edward leaned against his car as if he were waiting for someone. He asked her about class. "Time just flew by." She answered casually. The others arrived moments later; and they all drove home. Later that night, there was a knock at the door that interrupted Valerie from her homework. She called out to the knocker and Rosalie entered. Edward had come back from a hunt and exchanged glances with Rosalie before exiting the room to leave the sisters to talk. "I want to apologize to you about earlier. I'm sorry. It's been hard to adjust to a new member of our family, and especially at school with the new car. I hope you'll forgive me?" Rosalie gave her sister a small smile. 

Valerie smiled back, "You're forgiven." 

Edward entered the room. Rosalie turned to look at him and asked, "Don't you knock?" She passed by him and bid her sister good night. Valerie called back before Edward closed the door. She finally finished the last problem of her math homework before turning off the lights. The two of them went to the bed and laid down. "Have I always smelt good to you?" Valerie turned towards him. 

"Your scent makes you stand out. Besides, it was really difficult for me to turn you. It almost came to the point where I just tasted blood and was afraid that I couldn't stop. You were different. Much... much... different." Valerie nodded, even though she still had many questions to ask him in her mind. She silently thought that Esme could be right about the two of them getting along. She rested her head on his chest as Edward wrapped his arm around her. He pulled her close and kissed the top of her head. Yet as she slept, Edward was asking himself one thing: Does she love me? 

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