Two Lives. One World.

Two different people, who were supposed to be enemies from the start, fall in love and soon enough, their friends and family are against them. Jacob/OC.


11. Choosing The One

Valerie eventually moved back with the Cullens after they met her brother Elijah. She took notice of how uncomfortable her brother was being around vampires who could possibly drink his blood at any second, even though she reassured him many times that her family were vegetarian. “You’re the only one who drinks human.” Elijah reminded her. Valerie rolled her eyes and promised him that she would never drink his blood since he was her family. It wasn’t enough for him to completely be okay with the idea that he’ll be safe. Valerie added that the werewolves could protect him, especially Leah. It was eventually found out that Leah imprinted on Elijah. It was something that was unexpected, but no one complained about the two of them being together. Seth was definitely happy about the news. Other than the other pack members being like his brother, Seth was glad to have gained another. He had also seen Valerie as being his older sister as well since she had dated Jacob.

Though amongst all the people in the living room, Jacob hadn’t shown. Bella and Edward were upstairs talking while everyone sat together in the main room. “Where is that annoying mutt?” asked Rosalie. Valerie couldn’t answer her sister’s question. In fact, she hadn’t really spoken with Jacob since Elijah had come to see her in Forks. It had only been a month that her brother Elijah was in Forks. “He’s out on patrol with Jared and Paul.” said Leah. The Cullens had only accepted three werewolves into their home, one of them being Leah. They were only persuaded by Valerie who pleaded that Seth and Leah weren’t there to harm them in anyway. It was Valerie who made sure of that. Valerie didn’t even know that Jacob had gone with them. She was listening in on the conversation between Bella and Edward. She could hear the concern in Bella’s voice for Edward. Footsteps descended the stairs and the two joined everyone in the living room.

“Valerie, can I talk with you?” asked Edward. Valerie was hesitant, but she exited the room with him. She followed Edward outside the house and out to the meadow. “I’m sure you were listening in on the conversation between Bella and I.” Valerie stayed silent in order to allow for Edward to continue. She stood before him, listening to him explain what Bella had said to him earlier in the room. It was when he finished that he had taken something out of his pocket to give to her. “I believe this is for you… from Jacob.” Valerie looked at him with a confused look on her face. She took the box that he was holding. Before she could ask about what was inside, Edward took off and left her in the meadow alone. Valerie couldn’t understand what was going on. She couldn’t understand why Edward was acting so differently. She saw that he had almost seemed hurt and figured that he looked inside the box. She was about to open the box when she heard a sound in the bushes behind her. She turned around only to see that it was Jacob.

“Jake…” Valerie wasn’t sure of what to say to him. She was surprised to see him. Jacob approached her without a word and pressed his lips to hers. He wrapped his arms around her, embracing her. Valerie wrapped her arms around his neck, deepening the kiss. “I missed you.” said Jacob once they pulled away. He reached up with one hand to caress her cheek softly.

“I missed you too Jacob. You have no idea.”

Jacob smirked, “I think I do. That kiss told all.” Valerie rolled her eyes at him and held out the black box towards him. Jacob had almost forgotten about the box he had given to Bella years ago. He took the box from her, knowing that he had to explain the box to her. He felt that it didn’t need much explaining. He got down on one knee and opened the box. “Valerie, from the very first day I have laid eyes on you, I have fallen in love with you. Throughout these last years, you have become one of my good and closest friends. When you left, my life was empty. I couldn’t imagine you not being in it. So, will you marry me?” Valerie stood before him, listening to his every word. She honestly couldn’t picture herself being with anyone else, except the thought about Edward lingered in her mind. She had all of eternity to be with Edward and for all she knew, she and Edward could be together one day. 

“Jacob, you never imprinted on me.” said she.


“Oh come on, the way Leah looks at Elijah is not how the way you look at me. You told me about the way imprinting works; and I don’t think you felt it with me.”

“Val,” Jacob paused. “There isn’t—“

“We’ll both be happier this way Jake.” Valerie interrupted. She kissed his cheek before leaving him alone in the meadow. She couldn't stop thinking about the way Edward had looked at her when she was handed the small box. She could tell that he must’ve seen what was inside it or had an idea of what was inside. She arrived home and entered through the open area in Edward’s room. She saw empty boxes in the room and caught Edward putting his things in the boxes. “Edward?” Edward turned to face her. He was surprised to see her home so soon. Without a moment’s hesitation, Valerie approached him and kissed his lips. She wrapped her arms around his neck and felt him wrap his arms around her. She pulled away and looked into his eyes. “Don’t leave me.” she whispered.

“Valerie, I could never leave you.” said Edward. Valerie motioned towards the boxes in the room. He chuckled lightly and kissed her lips again. “Emmett and Rosalie are giving me their room. They’re moving… Who knows where. Bella will be staying with us, so I’m giving her mine.”

“Is that what you two were talking about up here?” Valerie asked him.

Edward nodded, “Yes. I’m moving our stuff into boxes. It’ll be easier than having to carry each item in here one by one. Will you help me?” Valerie smiled softly and helped Edward pack the boxes. When they were all packed, she helped him carry the boxes to Emmett and Rosalie’s room, which was now theirs. The bedroom layout was much different than Edward’s, especially with a much larger bed that was installed. The two unpacked all of the boxes and laid down together on the bed to rest for a minute. “Edward, you have to know why I came back here after being with Jacob.” Valerie looked into Edward’s eyes.

Edward stayed silent in order to allow her to continue. “I didn’t say yes to his marriage proposal because a part of me is in love with you. Also, I don’t think he imprinted on me, like Leah imprinted on Elijah. Jacob and I don’t really know each other all that well. I mean, I’ve fled the city and even the country countless of times. In the years that I was gone, I never truly spent those long months with Jacob. You’ve been there for me all these years since I became a vampire. When I had gone to the Volturi, I knew you and everyone else would come for me. You know everything about me from my weird quirks to my deepest secrets. You are my best friend. I saw the way you reacted when you met Elijah. You honestly thought that Elijah was someone I met while I was away from Forks, but then you were so relieved afterwards to hear that he was my brother. I saw the jealously in your eyes. You care about me as much as I care about you. I love you Edward. I’ve loved you for as long as you and your family have taken me in as your own. Honestly, there is no one in the world that I’d want to spend the rest of my life with except for you. I’ve had moments when I was jealous, especially when you met Bella. She was a human you fell for, and it did hurt me that you enjoyed your time with her. Though I was surprised that you managed to pick me over her and—“

“Valerie,” Edward interrupted. “Marry me?” With that being said, he had taken out a ring from his pocket. He got down on one knee and held it out towards her. Valerie couldn’t believe that he was actually being serious. She thought that she would’ve been proposed to differently, but she didn’t care. “Yes, I’ll marry you.” she smiled. Edward smiled and placed the ring on her finger. He leaned in and kissed her lips. He reached up to caress her soft cheek. Valerie wrapped her arms around his neck before pulling away. “Alice saw this happening, didn’t she?”

“Yes she did.” said he. “It was going to happen eventually Val.” Valerie smiled wrapped her arms around him for a hug. Edward returned the hug and kissed the top of her head. The two of them headed downstairs to break the news to everyone. Alice was more excited than everyone else in the room. She quickly hugged Valerie and said not to worry about planning the wedding because she had something already in mind for the two of them. “Alice,” Valerie paused. “Just this once I’ll let you plan something big, but never again after this.” Alice promised and proceed to congratulate Edward. Everyone else quickly chimed in, even Elijah and Leah were happy for the two of them. While they were still congratulating Edward, Leah led Valerie outside and asked about Jacob. Valerie explained to Leah about what had happened with Jacob. “It was so hard for me to love him when a part of me loved someone else.” she added. She also mentioned to Leah that Jacob had never imprinted on her and hoped that Jacob would find someone to be with some day. Valerie was soon called back inside the house to discuss wedding details with Alice. It was only then did she think about Jacob. He’ll be okay, I’m sure.

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