Two Lives. One World.

Two different people, who were supposed to be enemies from the start, fall in love and soon enough, their friends and family are against them. Jacob/OC.


6. Being Different Is Good

Graduation day had finally come; but Valerie was still a no show. She wasn't there to receive her diploma when her name was called. She had been gone for two months. Her family hadn't received any calls to let them know that she was doing okay. She wasn't there for the party either. No music was playing. The entire house was silent as if someone they've known for a long time has died. The guests had left, except Bella, when the party ended. "If she's in Alaska, Tanya would've called by now." Alice said. They were all gathered around the table in the dining room. There was one empty seat next to Edward's. Rosalie wondered if Valerie had gone to the Volturi. Bella questioned them about the Volturi. This group of vampires were the closest beings to a government amongst their kind. "Valerie would never go to them. She knows that." Alice looked over at Rosalie. 

Edward sighed and told his family that the two of them should've never fought. He had thought at some point their fighting would lead to an even bigger consequence. Jasper looked over at Alice, who had briefly stopped moving as she stared off into the distance. Both he and Edward knew what was going on. "What is it Alice?" Carlisle asked. Alice said to them that she had seen Valerie, who made her choice to go Volturi. Carlisle made the immediate decision to go and stop her. Alice felt that they were going to be too late. The Volturi resided in Italy. The entire Cullen family (and Bella) had spontaneously got on the next flight to Italy. When they arrived, it was night time. "I have a feeling she hasn't gone to them just yet." Alice told them. They walked silently and swiftly through the alleyways. Edward made sure to keep Bella from tripping because he figured she would cause a scene. They heard a low growling sound not too far in front of them. 

"Hello Edward." A voice rang from the dark shadows. A girl stepped out into the moonlight. It was Valerie. At first she was unrecognizable because of the wild look in her eyes. Blood dripped from one side of her mouth. She had recently hunted someone. Edward stood between her and Bella. Though Emmett had seemed ready to grab Bella in case Valerie was able to pass Edward. Valerie lunged at Edward, who was quick to stop and pin her against a nearby wall. The wall caved, but Valerie seemed unfazed by it. "Valerie, stop. This isn't like you." Said he. 

Valerie snapped at him. "You're not a part of my family anymore." She was able to push him off of her, despite him being older. The advantage was that she was still a newbie, and human blood made her more stronger than him. She started to go for Bella again, but Emmett had managed to get a hold of her. He wrapped his arms around her while she squirmed in his grasp. "Let her go." Another voice called out to them. Jane Volturi appeared with her brother, Alec. Demetri and Felix were a few steps behind them. Emmett was hesitant. He didn't want to let his sister go. "Jane, let's work out a compromise." Carlisle suggested. 

"A compromise?" Jane scoffed. She looked at her brother and the other two. "What kind of compromise?" She focused her attention on Carlisle. 

"What use do you have for Valerie? She's new. You wouldn't want her going rogue." Edward didn't like where Carlisle was heading with this compromise. Carlisle's thoughts disturbed him. "Wouldn't you want someone with more experience?" 

"Yes, she is new sister." Said Alec. "We can always find someone else." 

"Awe, I really liked her." Felix smirked. "She was quite fun." 

"We won't have to bother your family again." Added Carlisle. Jane stayed silent throughout the exchange of words. She turned to Alec for his opinion, who told her that he thought Carlisle's proposition seemed fair. Jane turned her attention and gave a slight nod of approval for Carlisle to take Valerie with them. Without another word, Jane and the other three Volturi members were gone. 

. . . 

Exactly one week has passed since the Cullens and Bella had come home from Italy. They were glad Valerie was home, except she wasn't the same person. She craved human blood more than she did before. She asked for nothing else. Her family wouldn't allow for her to leave the house. If she were to go outside, everyone had to take turns watching her. Also, they had to keep an eye out for Bella just in case Valerie were to attack. Jasper was the only person who she allowed to be by her side. He helped with distracting her mind of everything but blood. "I should've come home sooner, and this would've never happened to me." Valerie sighed and sat down next to her brother. She rested her head on his shoulder. Jasper wrapped and arm around her shoulders to comfort her. He told her that she had always been the only human blood drinker within their family, and it's been difficult to keep her away from the college campus. 

Valerie had always known she wasn't like her family, even if she tried the animal diet for the first three years of her vampirism. "What's the point of being a part of this family when I find it hard to fit in? No one would want to be with me." She looked down at her hands. 

"Jacob." He said. 

"Jacob Black? He's not going to like me now. I mean I left without another word, not even a goodbye." The two of them were in Valerie's bedroom when the door opened. Edward had entered the room, along with Bella. He had asked Jasper if the two of them could talk with Valerie alone. Jasper nodded slightly, gave his sister a quick hug, and left the room. "Bella wants you to turn her." Said Edward. 

"Bella, are you crazy?" Valerie turned her attention towards Bella. She saw Edward give her a look, which meant that he had already asked Bella the same question. "Jacob wouldn't like that. I mean, what if he finds out that his best friend is human one day and a vampire three days later?" 

"He'll have to live with the fact that both of his best friends are vampires." 

"Then Edward will change me." Bella turned towards Edward, who shook his head. He was only changing her on one condition and that was he had hoped to marry her one day. Bella let out a sigh and decided to give Jacob a call to say that she was heading over with Valerie to La Push. It had been a little over two months since Valerie had seen Jacob, especially she was the reason for the fight to happen between her family and the werewolf pack. "No." Jacob told Bella when the girls arrived in La Push. Bella didn't like that her closest friend was against her being a vampire. Jacob was against her being a vampire. He didn't like that Edward and his family were enticing her to become one of them, even though Bella insisted that becoming a vampire was her idea. They were at the beach when Jacob's friends arrived. Valerie figured that they were the werewolves she had seen before she left. "What is she doing here?" Paul seemed to act as the Alpha. Though it was clear Jacob still had much more of a control over his friends. 

"I'm not happy to see you either." Valerie said sourly. 

"Well, give us one good reason to stop us from attacking you." Added Jared. 

"You already attacked my family. Let's go Bella." Valerie started to head off towards the direction of the forest. Bella silently followed behind her. Valerie wanted to stay with Jacob, but she knew his friends wouldn't like them together. She and Bella finally arrived at Bella's house. Edward's car was parked out front. The girls get out of Bella's truck and approach Edward, who was leaning against his car. "Where did you two go?" He asked them. Bella told him that they went to La Push to ask Jacob's advice on her turning into a vampire. Valerie added by saying that Jacob was against the idea. "Anything else happen?" 

"No." Jacob appeared, shirtless as usual. He had followed them after finishing a conversation with his friends. He didn't like the way they were treating Valerie. "Valerie, I need to speak with you." Valerie nodded as she was led away from Edward and Bella, who were left to talk about Bella's decision. Once they were just out of Edward's earshot range, Jacob started to question her about why she had avoided his friends completely. "You know they don't like me Jake. They don't want us together, and neither does my family." Valerie looked down. Jacob reached out to touch her cheek and caressed his softly. Her skin felt smooth underneath the roughness of his thumb, which Valerie didn't mind. She liked how warm his skin felt against hers. She wished that everyone would be okay with them being together. "I'll protect you." She shook her head and backed away from him before saying that she had to go. 

Jacob sighed and knew Valerie was right about her family and his friends being against the idea of them getting together. His friends made it clear they didn't like her. He knew that they'd probably laugh at him if they found out he was in love with her. Though, he did know that she was in love with him as well. He could see it in her crimson colored eyes, which didn't really bother him. He liked that she was different, from his friends and her family. He didn’t care if she was a vampire. If he had to fight for something, he'd fight for her. He turned towards the woods and ran home with that very thought in mind. 

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