Two Lives. One World.

Two different people, who were supposed to be enemies from the start, fall in love and soon enough, their friends and family are against them. Jacob/OC.


9. An Odd Proposal

The Cullens were finally home after having moved away for two years. When they arrived home, the house was empty. There were no signs of anyone ever living there while they were gone. Everything in the house was completely untouched. They settled into their home, except there was one thing that was missing—Valerie. They were unsure if she returned home. Edward was the first to notice her absence. He couldn’t hear any of her thoughts. He entered the room they shared, only to see that it was vacant. Nothing in the room was touched, or in any sense… disturbed. It was left the way Edward had remembered it before he and his family moved out of Forks.

Edward decided to go out, except it wasn’t to look for her. It was to see Bella. He arrived at her house and walked to the door. He rang the doorbell, only to wait until he heard footsteps inside. The door opened and to his surprise, it was Valerie. He should’ve expected her to be at Bella’s house. “Edward, you’re back?” He could hear that she was surprised as well. The two siblings haven’t seen each other in two years, except in the earlier years, they had always been more than siblings. Valerie wrapped her arms around her brother, relieved to see him. Edward returned the hug as equally relieved. “I came to see Bella. I wasn’t expecting you to be here.” said he.

Valerie was about to explain to him when Elijah had come up behind her. Edward wasn’t expecting this. He immediately asked Valerie about Elijah. “Edward, this is my brother Elijah. Elijah, this is Edward.” Elijah extended his hand to Edward, who shrugged it away. Valerie could sense the way Edward felt about her brother. She knew that he, in some way, felt betrayed. Even she hadn’t known that her siblings were still alive, but that didn’t keep Edward from showing her how he truly felt. She could see that he hadn’t forgiven her entirely for what she had done two years ago. “You know why I couldn’t go back home Edward.” said she. “I knew you were going to act this way if I faced you myself. I’m—“

“You’re sorry? Valerie, you left us. We’re your family; and your brother Elijah shows up in Forks finally finding his long lost dead sister and for what? Are you going to choose him over the people that have known you since your parents died? We saved you from being killed by the vampires that killed your parents. If it weren’t for us, you wouldn’t be dead and you wouldn’t have this reunion with Elijah.” Edward interrupted. “Tell Bella I stopped by. You, on the other hand, are not what I thought you were. You’ve changed Valerie. Come back when you’ve decided to be a Cullen.” With that being said, Edward sped off. Bella and Jacob arrived downstairs to see what had happened, but Valerie had already gone.

Elijah had to explain to them about what had happened. Obviously this made Jacob furious and ran off towards the woods. Both Bella and Elijah got into the car, which Elijah had brought and drove down the street towards the Cullens. Jacob arrived at the house. Rosalie answered the door. “What do you want mutt?” She crossed her arms over her chest.

“I want to speak with Edward.” said Jacob.

“We don’t want to fight you Jacob.” Carlisle approached the door as Rosalie stepped aside. Jacob explained that he wasn’t here to fight the family. He explained about what had happened between Valerie and Edward earlier at Bella’s house. He told them how Valerie’s brother Elijah had shown up at Bella’s doorstep, asking for Valerie. “Edward then told her to come back when she’s decided to be a Cullen.” explained Jacob. Alice spoke up by saying she had only seen what Valerie was going to do. She added that Valerie was following Edward. Jasper placed his phone into his pocket and told everyone that Valerie was going to fix things between the two of them. “I can’t lose both of my children.” said Esme. Carlisle wrapped a firm arm around his wife’s shoulders and rubbed them. He was worried as well, but he knew that Valerie and Edward needed to be on their own to solve their problems.

Bella arrived with Elijah at the Cullen house, in which she introduced Elijah to the Cullens. “I understand now why my sister is so grateful you saved her.” said Elijah. Everyone had sat down in the living room. Elijah wasn’t entirely sure how to react to a family full of vampires. He noticed the Bella was relatively calm with them. He guessed that she had known them for some time and was used to their differing personalities. “What was Valerie like… as a human?” asked Rosalie.

“Stubborn. Well, she was the rebel and the oldest out of the four of us. We have two younger twin sisters in New York. Valerie can be tough when she wants to. I’m sure you all have seen the stubbornness in her. Though our parents, they knew that she was different. They knew that she was meant to stand out and be something more than what they were. You see, after our parents lost everything, we hardly were able to afford a place to stay. Our parents sent our sisters to live with our family in New York. When our parents died, I stayed with an Aunt in Seattle until I was 18. I stayed in contact with my sisters, but not Valerie. For years I thought my sister was dead. She would watch me when we were kids and when our sisters were born, she took care of them as well. As many fights as she and I had, Valerie is determined. She’ll do everything to resolve the problem.

“Though there were times when she’d run away when our parents were fighting. She would go to her secret place where no one could find her. She was gone for three hours until our parents noticed she was gone. She’d come back of course and be scolded. But Valerie—“

“She would always leave.” said Emmett.

. . .

“Edward!” Valerie called out. “Edward, I know you’re out here!” She arrived in a large clearing. Edward was standing near the middle of that clearing. He didn’t turn to face her when his name was being called. He felt betrayed by her. “Edward, I’m sorry. Everything that has happened with our family in these last two years, it’s my fault. If there’s anything I can—“

“There’s nothing you can do Valerie.” Edward interrupted. This time, he turned to look at her. Valerie could see how hurt he truly was. She couldn’t fully look him in the eyes. The reason for Edward being the way that he is was her doing. She stayed silent for another minute until an idea popped into her mind. “Marry me.”

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