Two Lives. One World.

Two different people, who were supposed to be enemies from the start, fall in love and soon enough, their friends and family are against them. Jacob/OC.


12. A Cullen Surprise

The wedding was in three days. The closer it came to the wedding day, the more nervous Valerie became. She often found herself sitting outside staring at her phone. Jacob hadn’t called since she had declined his proposal six months ago. She was starting to worry about him. She sighed and placed her phone back into her pocket. “You okay sis?” She turned her head to see that Jasper had approached her. Everyone else was out running errands except for the two of them. Alice had everything prepared for the wedding from the cake to decorations and venue. While it was what Alice had wanted for Valerie’s wedding, it wasn’t what Valerie wanted but she didn’t want to complain to Alice. She had seen how happy her sister was in doing this for her. “Jacob hasn’t called, huh?” Jasper asked. Valerie let out a sigh and shook her head. She and Jacob were close, or that’s what she had thought.

“I think I should go see Jacob. I need to make sure he’s okay.” said she.

“Val, the wedding is three days away. There are things you still have to do.” Jasper reminded her. Valerie stood up, knowing full well about her impending wedding date but said to him not to tell anyone that she had left. Jasper couldn’t guarantee because either Edward will read his mind or Alice will know about her rash decision without him speaking a word. “I’ll try to cover for you.” Jasper stood as well and gave his sister a hug goodbye before she ran off.

Valerie arrived in La Push. Upon her arrival at Jacob’s house, she saw that his friends were gathered outside the house, as well as Leah and Elijah. She wasn’t sure about what was going on. “Why are you here? You shouldn’t be here.” Paul was the first to confront her. Leah spoke out to Valerie by saying to ignore Paul. Valerie knew that Jacob’s friends must’ve been upset with her for turning down the marriage proposal to Jacob. “Where’s Jacob?” she asked Leah, who motioned towards the house. Before Valerie made a step towards the house, Carlisle had stepped out of the house. She was surprised to see him, as he was surprised to see her. “Valerie, shouldn’t you be with Alice?” asked Carlisle.

“I came to see Jacob. What’s going on Carlisle?” Carlisle didn’t answer her question. Valerie was determined to find out the answer herself and entered the house. She went straight to Jacob’s room. Billy had just strolled out of the room. She stepped aside. “I’m glad you’re here.” He said to her before going down the hallway. Valerie was confused about what was going on and why no one else was allowed inside the house. She knocked on the door, seeing that the room was wide open. It was when she stepped into the room that she saw Jacob in bed. She saw that he wasn’t looking too good and wasn’t sure if she should walk up to him. The two haven’t been on the best of terms since then. “Val?” Jacob sounded quiet, sick.

Valerie approached his bedside and sat down on the bed to take his hand. “Hey, I’m here.” She caressed his hand. She didn’t like to see him this way. She didn’t hear from him in six months. Jacob was surprised to see Valerie, and although he couldn’t show much emotion, the coolness of her hand was enough to reassure him that she still cared about him. “Do you need anything? Water, juice?” she asked him.

“Stay.” said Jacob.

“But Jake, I can’t.” At that exact moment, Jacob pulled his hand from hers and turned away. Valerie wished that it didn’t come down to this. She wished that they could work things out. She wished that she didn’t choose Edward over him. “Jacob…”

“Go Val.”

“No.” Valerie didn’t get up from the bed. She didn’t want to leave his side, so she didn’t move. Jacob faced her, repeating his statement. Again, she repeated the word no. “I’m not leaving your side until you’re better. The wedding will just have to wait because it’s not happening without me.” Jacob looked up at Valerie, hearing how stubborn she was. He couldn’t argue with her because he didn’t have the strength to. He stayed quiet. Valerie laid down beside him and rested her head on his chest. She felt him wrap an arm around her and rub her shoulders gently. “Thank you…” Jacob said after a long silence. 

For two days Valerie stayed with Jacob and progressively he got better. By the morning of her wedding day, Jacob was able to get out of bed and serve himself without her help. “You should go. You’ll be late for the ceremony.” said Jacob. The two of them were standing in his kitchen. She was leaning against the counter with her arms cross, watching him pour a cup of coffee into a mug. Billy entered and was handed the mug. “Thanks for staying to take care of Jacob.” Billy sounded grateful for having Valerie over. Out of all the Cullens, he was okay with Carlisle and Valerie coming over.

“Anytime Billy.” smiled Valerie. “Jake’s right. I should head home.” She bid her goodbye to both Jacob and Billy before she headed off to her house. When she arrived, everyone was home except Edward and Bella. Carlisle had filled everyone in on Valerie’s whereabouts. Rosalie said that they checked their rooms and said that neither Edward or Bella were there. “We were wondering if you knew where they could’ve gone off to honey.” said Esme. As well as Valerie had known both Edward and Bella, she wasn’t exactly sure about where the two of them had gone off to. 

Valerie took out her phone and called Edward’s cell. After three rings, it went straight to voicemail. She then proceeded to call Bella’s. It went straight to voicemail also. Valerie sighed and said that they weren’t picking up until her phone. It was Edward. “Where are you?” she asked him. Edward explained to her the situation he and Bella were in. Valerie listened long enough for him to tell her that the wedding had been called off between them. She figured that he would say that to her. When Valerie hung up the phone after ending the phone call, she was asked about what the call was about. There was no way to sugar-coat the news that Edward had said to her. Valerie wished that she hadn’t been the one to break the news to them. She wished that Edward and Bella were here to tell everyone. Why was it that Valerie had to be the breaker of the news, good or bad? “Bella’s… Bella’s pregnant.”

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