Hi! This is just gonna be a whatever book. I might write poems, lyrics, short stories, make covers, just whatever I feel like! I hope you enjoy it! :)


3. For Madisonnn :)




 Alright so thank you for asking for my advice that's awesome! :) First off, names that go with the last name Grimes: (Of course this is what I think goes well but I hope you do too and I'm doing both genders since you were not specific) 


 -Olivia Grimes 

-Cassidy Grimes

-Madeline Grimes

-Lilian Grimes

-Aurora Grimes

-Hazel Grimes

-Zoe Grimes

-Rebecca Grimes

-Fiona Grimes

-Felicity Grimes


This is just a list of 10 names for girls I thought would go well but I can always suggest you more :) Now onto the boys...

-Nathan Grimes

-Henry Grimes

-Jacob Grimes

-Jackson Grimes 

-Lewis Grimes 

-Jonathan Grimes 

-Adam Grimes 

-Holden Grimes 

-Adrian Grimes 

-Seth Grimes 


There's a list of 10 boys names and again feel free to ask for me to suggest more. Apparently, to me, the J names sound good for Grimes haha :) 


So now you asked me to come up with book titles so here's what you told me: 


It's about sibling that run away from home and go on a long road trip 


Here are my suggestions: 

-The Distance Between (Home and them) 

-Taking The Long Road 

-A New Beginning (Like starting a new life) 

-Long Road Home (Idk if they are going back home or not) 

-Breaking Away (From home) 

-The Family Run (cause they are siblings and they run away) 

-Becoming Closer (Do they get closer as a family?) 

-Becoming Closer Getting Farther Away (Same as last but longer?) 

-Unchained From Home

-The Road Of Freedom 


 That is just 10 story name ideas and I hope you like everything I have suggested above but tell me and let me know when this story comes out I'd love to read it! 

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