Letters to you

Julia is from the city of New York. Darian is from beautiful France. They meet one day at a ski resort in Grandby Colorado in the winter. Sparks are in an instant. They decide to keep in touch through letters. Pen pals. They eventually start to fall in love even through tragic moments..will they have a happy ever after?


1. Meeting Darian- Julia's P.O.V-

It was Christmas eve and I was many many miles away from my home. I'm from New York. Right now, I'm finding myself in Grandby at a ski resort.

A typical Christmas for my family. Honestly I would be perfectly fine having no Christmas at all. In New York, we wake up, drink coffee, go to school or work, come home, and repeat. That's all that I am used to I guess.

I stand in line for the ski lift on the blues. Blues are the easiest slope you can ski down-other than the bunny hill. The bunny hill is definitely for toddlers and beginners. I've been snowboarding for about since I was 8 years old, I'm 16 now.

In the front of the line the man with the long beard scans my ticket and I sit on the lift with the random boy behind me. He was tall, had sand colored skin, brown hair, and ski's. He didn't look like a skier.

"So you're a skier?" I asked him. Although I already knew the answer. He nodded with a little smile. That smile showed off his dimples.

"So you're a snowboarder?" He mimicked back at me. This time, he had a french accent. I nodded at him back to mimic him. He looked at me again revealing his hazel colored eyes.

"So are you french or something?" I had to ask. I mean he had a french accent.

"No I'm American but I have a french accent. I also don't live in Paris or anything. Really just a full on American who eats hamburgers everyday." He joked. I laughed. "You're funny new boy."

We got off the lift and he introduced himself to me.

"My name is Darian." He said, holding his hand out. I smiled with my teeth out at him. "Call me Julia." I replied. He really was cool for knowing him only for 30 seconds.

As we make our way across the top of the mountain to a starting point, I start another conversation with him. "So what are you doing in Colorado?"

He looked at me and shook his head.

"Christmas. In Paris it's a good Christmas there too. My mother wanted us to come to America instead to visit our cousins." He brought his goggles to his eyes and strapped on his helmet.

"What about you? where are you from?" He asked. He actually had a good point, I automatically assumed he was from France.

"I'm from New York. My parents were tired of drinking coffee and working, so we decided to come and spend Christmas at the lodge." He widened his eyes and nodded,"That's different for New Yorker's."

Before I could scold him for offending me, he was on his way down the mountain. I was right behind him. Every time I would be in front of him he would speed up and smile at me like it was a race. Darian if you want it to be a race, then let's race.

I sped up my board as fast as I could and disappeared into the tree's where it was much steeper. I watched him from the corner of my goggles and laughed, "CAN'T BEAT ME!" I shouted at him. I was a social butterfly, god. He sped up and met me at the end of the trail.

"Beating me? I don't think so, Julia." The way he said my name made me shiver. One bold Julia.We were right by each other, the bottom of the mountain just in sight.

"So is it true Americans find french boys very attractive?" He asked me with such curiosity.

I laughed really hard. I knew he just wanted me to call him cute in the first 15 minutes of knowing him. Although, he actually really was. Or maybe he wanted me to be distracted. So I speed up again.

I stared at him and he did too for a split second then raced ahead. As I looked forward I couldn't turn in time before my body slammed into a tree.

"HELP!" I shouted in pain. My left leg was crooked and out of place.It felt like something was really wrong with my leg. I had broken my leg. "Julia?!" Darian shouted back.

10 seconds later I see him with his ski's tucked under his arms and he is running towards me. I'm crying because my leg really hurts. It feels like a shark is trying to still get that piece of meat off the bone, but at the same time you can't feel it. Weird. "Ouch!" he exclaimed while examining my leg, "Looks like an emergence center."

He lifted my leg, and I yelped in pain. "It's okay," He comforted, "I'm just going to place it so that it's straight OK?" I nodded. After he put my leg in position a fellow skier stopped to see what was going on. "Please can you get help? My friend has broken her leg!" I like how he referred to me as, "My friend."

The skier nods and races down to the bottom of the mountain for help. Darian stays behind to comfort me. "So how about we talk to get your mind off of your leg?" He suggested. I nodded in agreement.

"Okay how old are you Julia?"

"16 years old."

"What are your parents names?"

"Jean, and Michael."

"Do you like snowboarding."

"Before I broke my leg, yes."

"okay..umm..do you want to ask me questions?" He suggested again. I love how helpful he was being.

"How old are you?" I repeated his question.

"17 years old." He smiled.

"What are your parents names?"

"Hugo, and Fleur."

"Do you have a girlfriend?"

He started to blush. I just wanted to know.


"I'm sorry I was just wonderi-" He cuts me off.

"Do you?" he asked just a little to quick.

"No-er well it's complicated." I replied. He had no emotion to this whatsoever to this. Well what can I expect when we just met? By complicated I meant back in New York. There's this boy I have a thing with, his name is Jackson. We met a couple of months ago at a mall.

30 more minutes until help finally came. People had a bobsled, ski's, snowboards, and all the equipment to help me up. They lifted my body onto the sling, my leg stinging just a little.

"Hey, you go ahead. I'll see you one day." I told him. He looked at me and smiled as he put his ski's back on and urged himself down the mountain. I really didn't want him to leave, but it was for the best. He shouldn't have to wait on a freezing cold mountain just to make sure I was okay.

The ski nurses slid me down the mountain as well. As we reached the bottom there was a big crowd around us. The woman nurse opened a box and pulled out a long needle. "Hey! what are you doing with that?" I demanded for answer. She smirked and said, "It's just to make you sleep."

She stuck it in my neck before I could protest. Within milliseconds I was fast asleep.

I swear before my eyes shut, I saw Darian standing a few feet away, ski's under his arms. He waited for me?

It feels like it's only been 30 seconds until I woke up. I see my mom sitting next to me with coffee and reading the newspaper.

"Flashing back to New York much?" I told her with a chuckle. She looked up at me and rolled her eyes.

"Gosh Julia, if only you were'nt so sarcastic maybe you would be more fun." She says back, sarcastically. My mom had platinum blonde hair, and beautiful blue eyes. I looked almost nothing like her. My hair was strawberry blonde but my eyes were brown. I looked more like my father.

"Where's dad?" I asked her. She shrugged and flipped her newspaper page.

"He went to go and grab some food." Suddenly there was a knock at the door. My mom set's down the newspaper and walks over to the door.She goes outside to talk to the person.

I sit up and smooth down my long hair. I definitely was not gorgeous, but I was not ugly either. My mom comes back in and says, " There's a boy at the door who wants to see you. He french or something."

My eyes beam and I sit up straight.

"Oh really? You can let him in."

She smiles at me and lets him in. Darian was tall, as usual. and I could see his face a lot clearer when it's not snowing and we're on a ski lift. He's holding a single rose and a box of chocolates.

"Hi Julia. How are you?" he greets as he hands me the goods. My mom waves at us and say's she'll be back in an hour.

"I'm great-other than my broken leg." I smile at him. He shrugs and cover his face while smiling.

"It's all my fault! I am sorry Julia." Darian apologizes. I pat his back.

"You don't need to apologize Darian, it's okay. I just wasn't looking where I was going." He looks up at me with his hazel colored eyes.

"Yea because you were looking at me!" He states. He had a point there. I was definitely staring at him.

"Maybe it's because you're sooo attractive." I laugh. He laughs too. Maybe I lightened the mood.

"It's just I only met you for 15 minutes and you already get hurt. You seem really cool and I thought we could hang out all week because my family is leaving next Monday." Darian gives me a forced pout face and i chuckle.

"My family leaves next week. I'll be out of the hospital by tomorrow I'm sure. We can hang out then?" I really want to get to know him. Not everyone in the world creates an awesome friend on a ski slope.

"Okay well, I'm staying with you until you're out." He said as he pulled out a pillow and a blanket.

I break out into laughter.

"You're something Darian."


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