Adam Parker has just started the 6th grade. He has already met a stinky boy at the bus stop named Kaden, and a few other people. They seem cool to him. He also has his eyes on a crush, her name is Penelope Fisher. Kaden's step sister. Will Adam get through middle school with nasty teachers, and a cute new crush?


1. The stinky boy, and pretty girl.

My name is Adam James. People call me Adams-missing-apple because my voice is so high. Clever right? Well the name calling is only gonna get worse because I'm now entering the 6th grade. We all know what that means. Middle school.

I can't get excited over this even though I know I will be the coolest, most awesome boy there right? Wrong! You never know what to expect.

I'm so used to elementary school, where you draw pictures, and write stories. Now I'm going to a place where History, Biology, and harder math is included.

On my way to the bus stop I take a quick look at myself through my phone camera. I had gelled up brown hair, white skin, and brown eyes.

I was a ladies man in 5th grade. All the girls would chase me, cry over me, and even be rude to me. Isn't that how girls work?

At the bus stop there's High schoolers, and Middle schoolers. I make my way over to the middle schoolers standing area. A boy with sand colored hair and skin smiled at me.

When he got nearer he smelled like hardcore BO. I held my breath as he spoke.

"Hi dude! I'm Kaden, what about you?"

"Adam." I breathed in the smell. He smelled so bad. at least he wanted to talk to me. I shook his hand.

"So Adam, are you going into 6th?" He examined me up and down.

"Yea." I didn't have much to say.

"Well, I'm in 6th too! Well me and my step sister-" He points over my shoulder. I turn around and see heaven.

She had long blonde hair, a cute smile with braces, and was wearing a pretty pink dress.

"That's your sister?!" I exclaim to him. She was so pretty I forgot about his smell. Kaden crossed his arms and laughed.

"Let me guess, you find her hot?" He chuckled.

"Umm..she's alright." I lied. what I really meant to say was, yes!

"Yea, people always act like she's so cute and popular. She's so boring though. Always painting her nails, or something at home."

The big yellow bus came and we took a seat near the back.

"What's your sisters name?" My mouth blurts. I need to filter.

"Penelope Fisher." He puts his finger in mouth to imitate a gag.

"Well Kaden, I'm glad we met." I smile. He nod and smiles back.

"I thought no one would say that in a million years." Kaden replied.


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