WiLd thinGs

Brooke is supposedly a strong 17 year old girl. A strong wolf-girl I guess you should say. That is, until, she finds more of her kind (5SOS) that threaten her. She needs to stay being the strong one, or else she will fall......


5. Threats

Brooke's POV 

I went to school furious. People know not to come into another packs territory! I shoved everyone outta my way until I found Michael Clifford ( I can remember his scent )

I grabbed his collar and shoved him against a locker. " If you ever, I mean  ever come into my territory again, I will hunt you down myself and I'll kill you!" I said. Luke pulled my off but I shoved his hand away. "Don't say  I didn't  warn you" I said then walked away like a boss...

Luke's POV 

Well, that happened. " are u alright mate?" I asked. "Yeah I'm fine " he said angrily. I just looked away.' She told him' I thought.

We went to class and the weather was bad and so was our day. It just sucked. No reason. School also sucks in general...

But now I feel bad. It wasn't his idea and he was taking the blame. 

I found Brooke in the hallway and went to her.  I sew her roll her eyes "What do YOU want?" She said 

Ok she's making then harder hen it should be. "Look it was my idea not Michael's" I said

"Bur he didn't have to follow through with it" she replied She has a point there. "Look, what in trying to say is, please don't take your anger out on him anymore, ok?" I said

" Fine" she snapped then walked away...

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