WiLd thinGs

Brooke is supposedly a strong 17 year old girl. A strong wolf-girl I guess you should say. That is, until, she finds more of her kind (5SOS) that threaten her. She needs to stay being the strong one, or else she will fall......


1. The beginning

When I first saw them, I knew they were no ordinary Aussies. I could smell it as soon as my instincts kicked in. My gut flipped and I clenched my teeth and looked over my shoulder at them. Their back we're turned to me and they were deep in a conversation. Walking down the hall I got a whiff of the red haired one and almost dropped my books. They were on of me. It was only me and my pack. Who are they?

 I wanted to morph right then and right now and kill them all. But I restate the urge. Now is not their time.

I later learned their names Luke, Calum, Ashton, and Michael. I never went up to them or said anything, I just stood my distance, watching their every move. This may seem weird or stalkerish to you, but if I didn't have, I would not be telling you this story. And as I look back, I remind myself

"This is only the beginning"

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