WiLd thinGs

Brooke is supposedly a strong 17 year old girl. A strong wolf-girl I guess you should say. That is, until, she finds more of her kind (5SOS) that threaten her. She needs to stay being the strong one, or else she will fall......


3. That was close

Michael's POV 

I about died back there. She was so close, I was sure I was about to die.

That. Was. Close.

"LUCAS!!!" I howled. He came out in his tan wolf form and whimpered.

"Your stupid plan about got me killed!" I said.

" I'm sorry mate," he said sincerely.

" It's alright " I replied.

That night all four of us went hunting and came back with two male deer. 

But I don't think ahead would've killed me unless she had permission from the Rezniks. They are basically the head of us wolves, what they say goes, no matter what. They can make you say and do anything, and that's why we fear them so. They also have magic that we do not consist of, which makes us weaker fighters.

But we have gained more respect and authority as wolves after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. 

We fought them of and won, just us, a pack of nineteen wolves.

I like to go back to the times where we didn't have to worry. Where we could roam without being shot at or killed. When we could actually be near humans as wolves, but now that's all gone. And I don't know why.

But Brooke has something that we don't. And knows something we don't. That's why we need to get to her ASAP.

Before we all die. 

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