Six Shooter

Gilbert, A young man who had recently moved to the United States for college, runs into a mysterious girl during after hours at a museum. After their first encounter, his whole life he planned out for himself begins to toppled over, throwing him into a chaotic adventure full of crime, infamousy, and romance.

NOTE: This is my fanfiction. The one on is my own account, I'm just placing it under another name because I didn't like the original name for it. I decided to also put it here because, from what few I've seen, Prussia's characterization is terrible or way too edgy. Plus I want as many people to read it as possible because this is my first time writing a fanfiction, and I'd absolutely love to get feedback to help me better my future writings.


2. Chapter Two

I woke up to a banging on the door, loud and thunderous like the pounding of my head. Apparently, I had passed out on the couch; I guess I was too tired to walk to my bed. With a pained groan, I sat up- and directly afterwards that groan became an agonizing hiss. God, my body hurt. More banging, more painful throbs that coursed through my head. I stood shakily and shuffled to the door, not even caring about my disorganized, messy self. I opened the door. There stood an officer, staring keenly at me. He was short and stocky with dusty blonde hair and hazel eyes, along with slanted brows that almost resembled small mountain peaks. Even though he gave me a stern look, he seemed like a very laid back person. “Hello sir, I’d like to bring you into questioning.”

    The color drained from my already pale face. “Look, I wasn’t involved with whatever that girl was doing-- I just- really I only stayed to get my phone I had left! I had nothing to do with her, I don’t even know her!” I fumbled over my words, petrified of the thought of being sent to jail or prison. He had immediately picked up on my terror and quickly did his best to dispel my anxiety. “Hey, wait, don’t panic. I believe ya, it’s just we need a few answers ‘n explanations is all.” His voice was holding reassurance, thought that did little to nothing for my fearful state of mind. “I’d rather not go.” He quickly came up with a compromise, stating that he can just take some notes from here. I quickly nodded and invited him in.

    There we sat on the couch, the blanket that Alfred lazily threw over me last night was laid in disarray under us, but the officer didn’t mind at all. He pulled out his pocket notebook and a pen. He quickly scribbled a few things down before questioning me,”So can ya explain what happened exactly?”

    “I was on a date with some chick I met online. We didn’t really hit it off, so I doubt I’ll see her again,” this earned a chuckle from the officer,”I stayed after hours of the museum to get my phone I had left in the bathroom. It was just a few minutes it was there, so I went to check if it was there still, but it was closing it after all. I had somehow went unnoticed by the security guards, but they weren’t in that area at the time, so it was understandable. I heard a sudden mess of sirens once I left the bathroom and making my way towards the emergency exit. Before I knew it, it was flooded with officers and that woman was there..” “Yes, the woman,” He mused before asking,”What did she look like?” I almost answered, but then I realized. She helped me. I thought for a moment before answering,” I can’t remember in detail, but I think she was blonde, and she had a skull or something hanging off her side. I’m sorry, I was too terrified to really care about looks.” My half-hearted attempt of a joke made the officer smile a bit.
    “Anything else noticeable?”
    “Her accent. It didn’t sound like it was from here. I couldn’t tell you what it was though.”
I lied. I was clearly some sort of European accent, but she did, after all, help me.
“Now,” He began,”Could ya tell me why your ran off?” With a sheepish, yet nervous look, I answered him promptly,“You probably won’t believe this, but she held me at gunpoint. Told me to run and I did.” His mountainous brows furrowed in question, then he stated the questions that plagued both his mind and brows. “Do ya know why? And why did’ja run past those other two officers?”

    The latter of the two questions was what held me up. I really didn’t know why, and there’s no point in lying. “I honestly don’t know why she did it, maybe use me as bait, maybe goodness of her heart,” Again, this earned a snicker, from how ironic that possibility was,” And I really don’t know why I ran. I was scared. Honestly that whole incident was traumatizing.”
    After a few more questions, he stood. “Ah, well, nice talking to ya. I can tell you’re quite the character,” He started for the door, but before he left, he paused,” You should go ‘n do something relaxin’. Maybe coffee shop or somethin’ ‘ta make up for that gal ya lost from yesterday.” He left with a chuckle. Well, that caught me off guard. I really wasn’t suspecting an officer to give me dating advice today.

    I tugged my toboggan off, which luckily I didn’t take off the night before; that officer would’ve been much more concerned about my complexion than the issue at hand. Originally, I wasn’t going to go out, but Alfred was what changed my plans. As soon as he got off his shift and back home, it was another round of questions fired about last night. He did, however, finally give up after about an hour of off and on poking at me about it, but I knew he was going to start up again the next day. The only reason why I haven’t even told him was because he was the type to randomly assume things and blurt out at different intervals, which would complicate things much more. If I avoid him tomorrow, and have school the day after, I could possibly avoid his question rampage for two days.

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